Bug #8558

Multiple validations will append to list of errors instead of replacing list from last validation

Added by Christian Lerrahn over 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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If I validate several objects one after the other and then call getErrors() the listed errors will be the set union of all errors in the different single validation processes.

This does not agree with the comments found in


which state

         * Checks if the given value is valid according to the validator.
         * If at least one error occurred, the result is FALSE and any errors can
         * be retrieved through the getErrors() method.
         * Note that all implementations of this method should set $this->errors() to an
         * empty array before validating.
         * @param mixed $value The value that should be validated
         * @return boolean TRUE if the value is valid, FALSE if an error occured
         * @api
        public function isValid($value);
         * Returns an array of errors which occurred during the last isValid() call.
         * @return array An array of \F3\FLOW3\Validation\Error objects or an empty array if no errors occurred.
         * @api
        public function getErrors();

A piece of code like

$validator = $this->validatorResolver->getBaseValidatorConjunction('F3\Foo\Domain\Model\Bar');
if ($validator->isValid($fooBarObject)) {
} else {
 $errorMessages = '';
 foreach ($validator->getErrors() as $error) {
  $errorMessages .= $error->getPropertyName().', ';

will not give the errors for the last instance of $fooBarObject that was validated but instead the set union of errors from all instances validated up to this point. In other words, if in the first instance the property "abc" id not validate and in the second instance the property "bla" didn't validate, the error lists will be

instance 1: abc,
instance 2: abc,bla,

instead of

instance 1: abc,
instance 2: bla,


clear-errors-patch.diff (1.19 KB) clear-errors-patch.diff Patch to clear errors in F3\FLOW3\Validation\Validator\GenericObjectValidator and F3\FLOW3\Validation\Validator\ConjunctionValidator Christian Lerrahn, 2010-07-01 08:42

Updated by Christian Lerrahn over 11 years ago

Oops. That target version obviously doesn't make much sense... :( Please correct! :)


Updated by Christian Lerrahn over 11 years ago

The isValid() methods of




do not reset $this->errors.

Attached patch clears $this->errors at beginning of isValid() method in these objects.


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns over 11 years ago

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Thanks for adding this here, was about to reply on your (old) email and remembered having seen this today...


Updated by Christian Lerrahn about 11 years ago

Are there any new developments on this? This is a bit of a show stopper for our project. :(

Does my patch make sense?


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns about 11 years ago

  • Start date set to 2010-08-06
  • Estimated time set to 2.00 h

Working on this, expect fix in SVN today. Some more validators miss the reset and of course we need to add an unit test for all validators...


Updated by Karsten Dambekalns about 11 years ago

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Applied in changeset r4948.

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