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Sponsorship of BabesGotBytes

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Dear Board,

please take notice of this Mail I have received. I would like to start working on a concept on how we as association can start helping such projects.


_Good Day, Olivier

My name is Lihle Menzeleleli. I am one the girls who approached you at the CMS Africa Summit in Cape Town, with the girls coding NPO that we’re running. You gave me your business card and said I should send you a detailed email about what we do.

We are an NPO called ‘BabesGotBytes’, we are passionate about technology and willing to give back to the community by empowering young girls to code. Please find the attached profile document, which is a detailed profile about who we are and the work that we do.

We would like to ask for sponsorship at Typo3 for the following:
- Computers, Books and stationery

However, we are happy with anything you would like to help us with. We are an NPO which was established last year so we do not have anything at the moment.

Kind regards,


  • The Board decided to donate 500 €

Next steps:

  • Olivier will send the money
  • Check, how we can communicate about this project / donation

Report.pdf (457 KB) Olivier Dobberkau, 2019-07-17 14:25


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I have instructed the Backoffice to send the Donation.

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The Donation was wired today by the Backoffice.

I will ask the Organization "BabesGotBytes" to reply once the money has hit their account.

They already have posted a mention to TYPO3 here: https://twitter.com/BabesGot/status/1127481285365178368

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Good day Olivier,

We hope this email finds you well.

On behalf of BabesGotBytes we would like to thank you and your team for your support.
Please find the attached report for our previous event and  BabesGotBytes future plans.


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I suggested to Mathias to have a short interview with them.

He sent this e-mail to them:


It would be great to have a blog post to see if we can find help with your challenges.

I think the blog post should take the form of an interview and do three things:

1) Tell the story of BabesGotBytes from your personal perspective
2) Tell the story of one of your learners
3) Show how, with sufficient support, your wonderful initiative can grow

We can do the interview by email. Does that sound good to you?

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best wishes

Mathias Bolt Lesniak

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