Bug #8913

Unit test failures because sys_get_temp_dir() doesn't always return directory name with trailing slash

Added by Christian Kuhn over 11 years ago. Updated about 11 years ago.

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php function sys_get_temp_dir() usually returns something like '/tmp/', but on some systems the trailing slash is missing (for me: a debian stable box, self compiled php 5.3.2, running as cgi). This leads to failing tests, eg. in Cache\Backend\PdoBackendTest

This could be easily fixed by always adding a slash (see attached patch), but leads to double slashes if the method returns with trailing slash.

Maybe it would be better to add / use some wrapper method to add the slash if it's missing?


sys_get_temp_dir.diff (4.5 KB) sys_get_temp_dir.diff Christian Kuhn, 2010-07-17 01:35

Updated by Bastian Waidelich over 11 years ago

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Thanks for your feedback! Such function already exists in Utility\Files. I'll take care of this!


Updated by Andreas Förthner over 11 years ago

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Applied in changeset r4921.

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