Server Team: Major upgrade

Added by Michael Stucki over 2 years ago

We're happy to inform you that the TYPO3 Forge website has been updated to version 3.3 today.

Major changes:
  • Authentication is now done using LDAP. If you are having problems with login, make sure to login on once!
  • Custom user images have been removed in favour of using Gravatar.
  • A lot of plugins have been removed by us during the update. If you miss any functionality, please let us know by creating a ticket in the project.

We are looking forward to your contributions by creating pull requests. The project can be found on

External Import: External Import moving to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter almost 3 years ago

The repositories for extension "external_import" and all related projects were moved to GitHub. Here's the list of involved extensions and the URL of their new home:

Happy request pulling!

Developer's Log: Version 3.0 released and moved to GitHub

Added by Francois Suter almost 3 years ago

The road to devlog version 3.0 has been long and bumpy indeed. Years ago Fabien Udriot started a brand new version for TYPO3 4.5, using ExtJS for the backend module. The work was never finished and ExtJS fell from grace. The project lay dormant for a couple of years. Then an attempt was made to base the devlog on TYPO3's logging API, but this also faltered along the way.

About last year I finally found the motivation to give the project yet another fresh start. Alternating sprints and breaks, the new version was eventually ready. It is entirely rewritten, with a squeaky clean code base. The backend module relies on jQuery and DataTables for paginating, searching and filtering. The "Clear log entries" feature is now available from a convenient drop-down.

The devlog also now uses a concept of log writers, which makes it possible to route devlog calls to different outputs/storages. By default, the extension provides a database and a file writer.

Last but not least, I moved the extension to GitHub. Hopefully this will help people contribute and maybe also shift ownership to someone else, as I don't feel like continuing to maintain this extension. New home:

Rating AX: New version 1.4.0 avaiable

Added by Thomas Hucke about 3 years ago

  • Major Feature #73635: Raise compatibility to PHP 7
  • Bug #76630: Cookie protection only working after page refresh
  • Bug #76650: First rating won't show up after AJAX response
  • Task #76597: Check for impact of "Deprecation: #65790 - Remove pages.storage_pid and logic"
    • Please check your configuration after upgrade!
    • The constant plugin.tx_thrating.settings.feUserStoragePid will be removed and replaced by the value of plugin.tx_felogin.storagePid
    • New setting ''plugin.tx_felogin.storagePid'' is now required
    • Clear cache after installation/upgrade
  • Task #76601: Check for impact of "Feature: #68700 - Autoload definition can be provided in ext_emconf.php"

External Import: External Import 3.0 and TYPO3 CMS 7

Added by Francois Suter about 3 years ago

This new version also comes with new features. The most prominent one is the new backend module. In fact External Import now comes with its own main module, since it wasn't possible to keep it under the "User Tools" module. This was the opportunity to actually rewrite the whole module. It is now based on Extbase and has dropped usage of ExtJS. Hopefully this will make it more future proof.

A logging feature was added, to be able to track when imports are taking place and their result. A backend module is provided to view and filter the logs. This was a somewhat last minute addition to the current release. It is functional but could probably be improved a bit.

Another new feature is the configuration validator. It will check known configuration errors, like a missing mandatory property or mismatched properties. All in all it can catch about 15 configuration errors and report about them in the detail view of the backend module. The configuration validator is also called before any import. If an error is detected, the import will be aborted.

Under the hood, a lot has changed: all classes were moved to namespaces, some properties have been renamed. Please make sure to read the section about upgrading in the manual ( Also the language files were all moved to stick to a clean file structure. Unfortunately this means that existing translations on are lost.

The External Import Tutorial (extension key: externalimport_tut) has been updated accordingly (and released as version 2.0.0).

TocToc Comments - AJAX Social Network Components: toctoc_comments 9.1.0 with reactions-ratings (emoLikes)

Added by Gisèle Wendl about 3 years ago

toctoc_comments 9.1.0 rating component includes new emoLikes (reactions like on Facebook), new ViewHelpers for news working on TYPO3 7 and newer and an important update for the Facebook-login

Find the newsarticle on version 9.1.0 here on our website:

Source on Github:

Announcement 9.2.0:
- Old CSS and theme.txt and boxmodel.txt based-CSS modifications will be entirely dropped as I did announce last summer.
All CSS of the frontend is in the LESS-model (CSS is generated automatically from LESS by toctoc_comments).
LESS is available since version 8.0.0.

- Caching will be extended by a cache on the database.
It will speed up a little the normal plugin mode, it will speed up heavily reports on the data such as recent comments or top ratings.
It will reduce the amount of data exchange with the client quite drastically - all the long encoded strings you find in the HTML-source will be replaced.


Also available in: Atom