Digital Asset Management (DAM): Call for sponsoring DAM IMG tag (7 comments)

Added by Ben van 't Ende over 10 years ago

These pages are getting really active with SVN etc when DAM 1.1 is a fact. In the meantime I would like to give you some updates until DAM 1.1 is really a fact. Stanislas has done some core changes recently to get the RTE and DAM working nicely together for TYPO3 4.2.x with all the features. As a matter of fact his changes, also including core, will only be effective with TYPO3 4.2.2. It is expected that will be released end of this year. Stanislas completely restructured the DAM-RTE interface for both link and image insertion/modification and also added an attribute on the img tag inserted when using DAM, so that it should be possible (but not currently implemented) to update reference indexes on the way to the database and get the latest image file and metadata at the time of frontend rendering.

This is not implemented yet and will take Stanislas 10 hours to do. We need a sponsor for that. Who?

I might add that Netcreators has sponsored this restructuring. The dutch town of Wijk bij Duurstede has sponsored folders to categories implemented by David Steeb and AOE media sponsors Benni Mack for getting mass upload into TYPO3/DAM. You can see a deep involvement here from several parties into one of the most important extensions to get TYPO3 to an Enterprise level.

QUOTE Stanislas
_Changes were made both to DAM and to TYPO3 core. To see and test the result, you need to use DAM from SVN trunk. You also need to use either up-to-date SVN TYPO3core branch TYPO3_4-2 (currently 4.2.2-dev), or SVN TYPO3core trunk (currently 4.3.0-dev). After installing either of these branches of TYPO3core, you should clear the TYPO3 configuration cache and the browser cache. You should also delete all files in directory typo3temp/rtehtmlarea or install and use extension Clear RTE Cache (key: clear_rte_cache) to do the same. In both cases, the 4 image margins should be available in the image modification dialogue, unless they are removed by Page TSConfig settings. The EM htmlArea RTE checkbox for "Enable DAM media browser" should be unchecked, and the EM DAM checkbox for "htmlARea RTE integration" should be checked. If you do not see these checkboxes in the Extension Manager, either the configuration cache was not cleared or you have a wrong version of TYPO3 or DAM.

If you use DAM from TER, then there is simply no change at all, and it should work correctly with TYPO3 4.2.x when checking the EM htmlArea RTE checkbox for "Enable DAM media browser"._
END QUOTE Stanislas

Syntaxhighlight: sk_codebox moves to syntaxhighlight (7 comments)

Added by Steffen Kamper over 10 years ago

The project codebox comes to a new stage!
The extensionkey moves to syntaxhighlight.

I'm glad that the team expanded, with Michiel Roos as co-leader and Julian Kleinhans as member.
Our goal is a very good and flexible syntaxhighlight-extension with some features
  • all extension from us will influence
  • code from plugin, RTE or user extension can make usage of extension
  • small architecture with less overload
  • collaborate with extension geshilib including typoscript-file, which will be updated soon
  • Ajax interface (also used by RTE)

If you are interested look at Codebox-project here on forge

F3PR: Kickoff of the F3PR project (4 comments)

Added by Robert Lemke over 10 years ago

Last monday, the F3PR (speak ffthreeprr ;-)) team met in Lübeck to kickoff the development of the next generation package repository for FLOW3 based packages.

This project is the first one in the TYPO3 sphere which uses methods like SCRUM and User Stories. We are currently preparing the project on Forge in a way that helps us most by following these techniques. Some useful information can already be found in the project's Wiki

Donations: Important fixes to Donations extension (1 comment)

Added by Francois Suter over 10 years ago

This new version of the Donations extensions fixes the following bugs:

  • the minimum and maximum amounts of donations were not handled correctly
  • when either of the emails (to admin and to donor) were disable, none was sent

Those two issues were fixed by Benni Mack, who also did a lot of clean up in the code.

Additionally the security of the extension was improved by removing all HTML elements from user input and by checking the confirmation mail against email injection.

Last but not least some issues with the handling of markers in the templates in TYPO3 4.2 were solved.

Paymentlib for Commerce: Version 0.1.1 (7 comments)

Added by Morten Haggren almost 11 years ago

This release is mostly intended for those who wish to contribute to adding paymentlib support - as you can read on the wiki page for version 0.1.1 the plugin still needs some polish to be truly ready for production use.

The only paymentlib provider we've tested it with is quickpay - so if somebody could test it with others that would be nice. I mean it should work flawlessly, but you never know ;)

you can grab the code from SVN or the unstable release as a t3x package from the download page

Comments, Suggestions, bugs, fixes, etc are ofcourse welcome


Content Parser: Initial commit of "Content Parser" (7 comments)

Added by Jochen Rau almost 11 years ago

The new parsing engine Content Parser (formerly known as "contagged") is now available in the SVN-Repository. It parses your content to find, tag and replace predefined terms. And it generates list- and single-views of your data. The data-source can be any database table. Example settings for tt_address are included.


Also available in: Atom