Paymentlib for Commerce: Version 0.1.1 (7 comments)

Added by Morten Haggren almost 11 years ago

This release is mostly intended for those who wish to contribute to adding paymentlib support - as you can read on the wiki page for version 0.1.1 the plugin still needs some polish to be truly ready for production use.

The only paymentlib provider we've tested it with is quickpay - so if somebody could test it with others that would be nice. I mean it should work flawlessly, but you never know ;)

you can grab the code from SVN or the unstable release as a t3x package from the download page

Comments, Suggestions, bugs, fixes, etc are ofcourse welcome


Content Parser: Initial commit of "Content Parser" (7 comments)

Added by Jochen Rau almost 11 years ago

The new parsing engine Content Parser (formerly known as "contagged") is now available in the SVN-Repository. It parses your content to find, tag and replace predefined terms. And it generates list- and single-views of your data. The data-source can be any database table. Example settings for tt_address are included.


Also available in: Atom