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12:32 Faceted Search Bug #69382: composer.json for package
It is included in TER Composer Repository, see!/ke-search


16:07 Calendar Base Bug #73811 (New): Category tree does not respect "enable fields"
Deleted or hidden cal categories are still present in the category tree.
TYPO3 7.6.4
cal 1.10.3
15:42 Calendar Base Bug #73810 (New): Categories are not shown in BE when user / group has "category_perms" set
When a BE user or a BE group has a sys_category permission setting there are no cal-categories shown in backend when...


11:37 ke_Userregister Bug #50818 (Resolved): fix normal backlinkParams bug + hook for extra processing
Thank you, your patch was applied to current trunk.


15:44 YAC - Yet another Calendar Bug #40579 (Resolved): t3lib_div::rm_endcomma is deprecated
15:28 YAC - Yet another Calendar Feature #41922: recuring events
Yes, this would really be a nice feature. But it's a lot of work to implement it. I have been asked for this feature ...


14:23 ke_Userregister Bug #41705 (Accepted): [Feature] Send E-Mail to Admin after Registration
Hi Marcus,
this feature is not available yet, but I would like to implement it if you send me your code. Is it po...


15:43 ke_Userregister Bug #39620 (Resolved): tstamp not updated
Thank you, Marcus. I added your changes to the current SVN trunk. TER release will follow.


10:08 ke_Userregister Bug #34391 (Resolved): Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare "make_selector"


14:22 ke_Userregister Bug #34391: Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare "make_selector"
Hi Marcus,
thanks again. I committed the changes to SVN. Please check if the problem is solved.

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