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19:53 TYPO3.Flow Task #4518: Installation documentation patch
another patch. Added another ide and fixed an internal link error
19:52 TYPO3.Flow Bug #4487: New Documentation for Xampp
I have been able to run flow3 on IIS7 successfully.
I'm now trying nginx


23:41 TYPO3.Flow Bug #4596 (Resolved): DEVELOPMENT or Development
Flow3 defaults to production mode if you use DEVELOPMENT as the context.
the context should be case insensitive.


18:49 TYPO3.Flow Task #4518 (Resolved): Installation documentation patch
Here is the patch for installation.xml


14:44 TYPO3.Welcome Bug #4489 (Resolved): FLOW3 welcome page is still wrong
Now that alpha4 is released the welcome page for windows is still wrong.
It says that i need to cd into C:\wamp\www\...
12:57 TYPO3.Flow Bug #4487 (Resolved): New Documentation for Xampp
The version of xampp available already comes with php 5.3. The documentation need to remove lot of information regard...
12:19 Getting Started Bug #4485 (Resolved): Use Setx instead of Set
Getting Started Guide Chapter 6
When you set the environment variable in windows using Set, the variable isn't persi...


18:00 Getting Started Bug #4327: Object "F3\Blog\Domain\Model\Blog" is not registered
manually clearing the cache works. the exception is now gone
17:54 Getting Started Bug #4318: generateController only generates one controller at a time
I used double quotes and it generated all the required files in the correct path.
17:53 Getting Started Bug #4325: Call to a member function findAll() on a non-object
Ok its working now
So the problem is flow3 not clearing the cache in development mode

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