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09:18 Editorial Team Bug #58308 (Closed): Link from Neos login page to license page on .org results in 404
The Neos login screen has a "Click for details" text linking to http://typo3.org/about/licenses/ which results in a 4...


22:12 Base Distribution Task #48078 (Needs Feedback): Fullscreen mode toggle
As discussed with Aske, Sebastian, Robert: Functionality should be changed so that Fullscreen only strips away interf...
22:08 Base Distribution Task #48076: Wireframe mode toggle
This is covered in the new Views/Author menu.


13:57 Base Distribution Task #48139 (Accepted): Notifications
13:57 Base Distribution Task #48139: Notifications
Have checked notifications in bufferapp.com - we’ll use that as the basis, including similar anims. Rasmus photoshops...


10:18 Base Distribution Task #48075 (Accepted): Context bar
10:18 Base Distribution Task #48076 (Accepted): Wireframe mode toggle
There might be some changes to this. For now, it's a design task.
10:16 Base Distribution Task #48091 (Accepted): Inspector
• Toggle animation is slide out/in from RIGHT
• Remember that when collapsed a tab sticks out from right border of v...
10:14 Base Distribution Task #48080 (Accepted): Breadcrumb


21:53 Base Distribution Task #48068 (Accepted): Menu component

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