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16:21 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete Feature #8587 (New): Using autocomplete for just one of multiple searchboxes
We have 2 search boxes on our site, one for a complete page search and one only for the subpages of products. Since a...


16:05 GH Random Content Bug #8488 (Resolved): Call to protected method language::readLLfile
While GH Random Content is installed, I get the following error when trying to create a new page content object in th...


17:43 Newscalendar Feature #6770 (Closed): Realurl ruleset for nicer urls
When I click on the calendar to get a monthly view, the URL looks something like this:


14:51 Newscalendar Feature #6308 (Needs Feedback): td class for sunday/each day of the week
I changed my variant a bit so there is now a class="day0" to class="day6" added to every td of the calendar.
I reuse...
14:09 Newscalendar Feature #6356 (Resolved): category support
Works as intended now, thanks a lot ;-)


18:49 Newscalendar Feature #6356: category support
Short version: Works, but not like the category selection in tt_news (catmenu, list for example).
When I have a ca...
12:15 Newscalendar Bug #6304: tooltip display errors
Works fine now on our page with FF 3.6 and Opera 10.10 (Windows 7)


12:07 Newscalendar Feature #6356 (Resolved): category support
There is currently no support for categories besides storing them in different news folders.
While this would work, ...


15:58 Newscalendar Bug #6304: tooltip display errors
After uninstalling Java on my office PC Opera 10 has the tooltips correct on my development page.
Reinstalling Java ...
12:49 Newscalendar Bug #5946: Navigation in Calendar view broken
If a page with the calendar view is set to not cached (page properties) this seems to work as it should.
It's worth ...

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