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15:29 Calendar Base Feature #29670: Hide certain days in Week View
Has this option been included yet?
We have been using the css classes of the older version to give saturday and sunda...


10:02 cooluri Feature #67028 (Rejected): Auto-Generate URL
when I use the function " Start again - Delete everything..."
I have to open the pages on the frontend first ...


16:02 Content Sliding Bug #62049: text content missing when linking to anchor
I moved the website to another server
and noticed that sometimes it works without the hashcode.
I'm tryi...


11:50 Content Sliding Bug #62049 (New): text content missing when linking to anchor
I am experiencing the following issue:
When linking directly to the anchor of a Text w/image element
e.g. do...


09:27 Calendar Base Feature #49048 (Needs Feedback): define target groups
it would be nice to be able to define different target groups for the events, besides the categories.
Is something l...


14:54 register4cal Feature #48570 (New): send email reminder to attendees
I'm not sure if this option or something similar is already available or not:
We use the calendar with the r...


11:02 register4cal Bug #45354 (Resolved): htmlmail deprecated in Typo3 4.7
The sendmail function still uses t3lib_htmlmail class which is deprecated since 4.5 if I'm not mistaken.
It doesn't ...


11:54 html5video Support #42298 (New): Video Quality
When I watch the local video files (mp4 and webm) the quality is good.
In the plugin/video player on the other hand ...


15:42 register4cal Bug #36667: user data mixed up
Is it correct that typo3 still uses the same cache for all users in one user group when generating a page ?
I disable...


16:22 register4cal Bug #36667 (Resolved): user data mixed up
If several users of the same user group are logged in, the personal data of one user is displayed in the registration...

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