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17:03 Operations Feature #65180 (Resolved): List only existing years in filter
Maybe replace function generateYears() in OperationsController.php with something like that:...
14:16 Operations Feature #65175 (Resolved): Styled Google Maps
Add optional userdefined style to map configuration.
For example add...
10:20 Caretaker Bug #64969: "Tests assigned to this instance" empty after update
Same problem here:
Fresh install caretaker 0.5.1 & 0.5.2 on TYPO3 4.5.39: No tests visible
On 6.2.9 everything seem...


14:52 Magnific Popup Support #60611: Magnific Popup and tx_news
I'm using 0.2.6 from TER which doesn't seem to contain the fix for Bug #59696
Changed it myself and it's working now...
10:11 Magnific Popup Support #60611 (Resolved): Magnific Popup and tx_news
I have problems to get this extension working with tx_news:
I set up plugin.tx_jhmagnificpopup.magnificpopup....


12:47 Calendar Base Bug #60178 (Closed): External calendars and TYPO3 6.2
The scheduler task that updates external calendars seems to be broken in 6.2


10:27 TinyMCE RTE Bug #45562 (Closed): Imagebrowser and TYPO3 6.0
Maybe same problem as #45030?
The imagebrowser doesn't show me any files...
10:17 TinyMCE RTE Bug #45030: typo3filemanager under Typo3 6.0
Maybe the imagebrowser has the same problem?
I can't insert any images, because the imagebrowser doesn't show me a...


08:44 TinyMCE RTE Bug #44715: Fatal error: Class '\Rte\TinymceRte\Xclass\RteHtmlParser' not found
I had the same problem here.
Simple solution: Rename directory "XClass" to "Xclass"...


10:26 PMK News Twitter Bug #7548 (Resolved): Only twitter visible news
Shouldn't only news marked as "visible" get tweeted?

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