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11:15 Extension Builder Bug #49976: Extension cannot be saved if displayErrors = 1
typo3 6.1.8-dev
same problem here, setting displayErrors = 0 solves the issue.
stack trace attached.


11:36 Vidi (List Component) Bug #56872: User Tools > FE Group: Validating the security token failed
the new patch solves that issue for me !
but i opened a new issue which i think is related to this one.
11:33 Vidi (List Component) Bug #57682 (Closed): invalid security token
typo3 6.2 dev, vidi 0.3 dev, media 3 dev
when trying to set a default mount point in a file storage, the vidi popu...


14:17 Vidi (List Component) Bug #56872: User Tools > FE Group: Validating the security token failed
tried this patch, but it doesn't work for me, still get the security token error.
if i install vidi & media, i als...


21:36 Media Management Suggestion #53797: Add category wizard: Use first pid from ext configuration `category_folders` i...
i also think that this is an important feature.
especially when dealing with non admin users which have no access ri...


16:32 Extended Links Bug #57461 (Resolved): wrong filepath in example typoscript in manual
in the manual in chapter "Users Manual" there is an example typoscript config for this extension.
the following ic...


15:24 Vidi (List Component) Bug #56392: vidi ModuleMenuView breaks typo3 git master
can confirm.
works in beta5
breaks beta6


11:17 Media Management Bug #56524 (Resolved): element browser is shown instead of vidi - TYPO3 6.2
i'm on typo3 6.2 beta5, vidi 0.3.0-dev and media 3.0.0-dev
the media extension is working as expected but
when i ...


11:14 Media Management Bug #54868 (Closed): FAL exception after deleting file
after deleting a file in the ext:media backend module which has references in tt_content, the page breaks in the fron...


18:56 Media Management Bug #54767: image upload fails
ok, i tried it now with the bootstrap-package and everything works as expected !
the problem was that i made some mi...

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