Ottmar Biebersdorf

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19:08 pt_extlist Bug #73515: Calls to configValueExistsAndNotNothing should be configValueExiststAndNotNothing
Markus Klein said it all. In pt_extbase Version 2.1.1 the following changes are missing:...


11:18 TYPO3.Flow Bug #45876: Exception in TypeHandling with PHP < 5.3.7
Karsten Dambekalns wrote:
> The question is, when can we finally raise the minimum required PHP version to something ...


20:39 TYPO3.Flow Bug #45407: charset option for mysql connection is ignored with PHP < 5.3.6
I can confirm this issue for Debian Sqeeze with PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze14. This is a serious issue as the data in the DB-...


17:21 TYPO3.Flow Bug #29326: ./flow3 core:setfilepermissions should not rely on sudo without proper test
Can confirm this issue on Debian Squeeze using the current master (15.02.2013). Running the script as root produces l...

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