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16:44 TYPO3.Flow Feature #47951 (New): Warn if persistence stack is not empty at the end of a get-request
Because the flow framework follows a rfc-standard, persistanceManager::persistAll() is not executed automatically for...
16:36 TYPO3.Flow Bug #47950 (New): import of remote resources
ResourceManager::importResource($uri) allows the import of resources from a supplied url. The import fails, if an url...
16:28 TYPO3.Flow Feature #47948 (Closed): support for resource references
It is not always suitable to download and import external resources, which are for example accessible over http: Larg...


01:06 TYPO3.Fluid Bug #45735 (Resolved): Error when using If-Condition in Layout-Tag
I use a condition for evaluating which layout to load:...

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