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10:59 Dynamic Google Sitemap Bug #62860 (Resolved): TCA not loaded in eID Script
Hi Martin,
thank you for this suggestion.
The TCA is now properly loaded in the eID procedure.
This will be...
10:56 Dynamic Google Sitemap Feature #62368 (Resolved): SSL-Support missing
Hi Florian,
this has been resolved and will be included in the 0.9.2 Version.
Greetings Javor.
10:55 Dynamic Google Sitemap Bug #62374 (Resolved): CDATA for <loc> unnecessary?
Hi Florian,
as Patrick has mentioned it is because of the amp (&) in the url.
URL are now properly sanitized and ...
10:51 Dynamic Google Sitemap Bug #62379 (Resolved): URLs of preview pages get added to sitemap
Hi Florian,
both points are now implemented and will be available in the 0.9.2 Version.
Preview Pages will no l...
10:18 Dynamic Google Sitemap Revision 9d9b2411: Addressing a few change requests form TYPO3 FORGE.
For Detailed information on what has changed, please review the ChangeLog.
Change-Id: I75d828cfac79d4e397eb0c869cbea...


12:19 Dynamic Google Sitemap Feature #61941 (Resolved): Pages with are excluded from search should be ignored by sitemap
Hi Alexander,
thank you for this suggestion.
This is now implemented in the latest revision -> "417c08df":http...
12:19 Dynamic Google Sitemap 2.50 hours (Feature #61941 (Resolved): Pages with are excluded from search should be ignored by s...
Adding new Feature to Respect no_search field.
12:03 Dynamic Google Sitemap Revision 417c08df: [Feature:61941] It is now possible to exclude Sites from being displaying in t...
There is also a field in the extension configuration to Enable/Disable this feature globally.
Change-Id: I26949e7a89...


14:47 git.typo3.org Bug #60922: Gerrit to Fast Forward
Hi Bastian,
thank you very much.
Whatever you changed, it helped me a lot to push the project to git.
Kind re...
14:40 Dynamic Google Sitemap Revision 61f3057f: commit-msg
Change-Id: I33c804cc5a80caa5bf587e79fb6904b30e7463b1

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