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12:57 Faceted Search Bug #46044: No search results with TYPO3 6.0.2
Problem still exists, and it does not depend on the TYPO3-version but rather on the ke_search version and the configu...


16:39 Table Cleaner Task #55311: Add some more tables to the list in Expired Task
Sorry, should be this patch


16:40 Table Cleaner Task #55311 (Resolved): Add some more tables to the list in Expired Task
Could not select some tables like tx_solr_statistics and <extname>_cache
See patch
16:25 Table Cleaner Major Feature #55310 (Resolved): Add OPTIMIZE TABLE option
InnoDB tables do not reclaim free space after deleting records. When many deletions have been done, the table gets a ...
15:02 Table Cleaner Bug #55308 (Resolved): Expired task does not preserve selected tables on edit
This is due to confusing between $this->getTables() and $task->getTables(), brrrr.
See patch.


23:35 tt_news Bug #53894 (New): Hide and delete categories in context menu doesn't work
In the News module, hiding or deleting a news category using the context menu on the categories in the category-tree ...


23:04 Core Bug #53625 (New): Wrong message "No install tool password set"
If you try to access the install tool in current master without having an install tool password, you get the message ...
21:30 Core Bug #17493 (Resolved): incorrect TS editicons on CType HTML
Applied in changeset commit:8b8a5180f470401c388690fec556188bedb3265f.
21:28 Core Revision 8b8a5180: [BUGFIX] Fix broken edit icons on cType HTML
Fix the wrong Typoscript configuration for front-end edit icons
for cType HTML (for the traditional fe-editing).


15:15 mail2news Feature #50488 (Needs Feedback): Hooks needed
Hi Lina,
Since v2.0, mail2news has configuration options to define which lines of the message content should go in...

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