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23:44 TC Directmail Feature #58143 (Resolved): replace own sendmail stuff with typo3 swiftmailer api
writing mails by hand is not good, use typo3 swiftmailer instead.
this will cleanup lots of code and will make it ...
21:58 TC Directmail Task #58113: Repository location
for me ok as well. do we really need an organization? wouldn't it be enough that someone hosts it and gives access to...


14:02 Formhandler Suggestion #57829 (New): shorten confirmation link in email
currently there are a lot of information in the link:...


02:07 tt_news Bug #57758 (New): wrong $imageMode in LATEST mode
in function getImageMarkers there is an error:...


02:00 mm_forum Bug #56064: Edit and delete of posts not possible because of missing token
Thank you Bernhard for the patch. I was wondering why you pushed it into a branch and not into master? Usually the wo...


11:23 Core Task #48837: Up to 100% performance loss since TYPO3 4.5
can somebody explain why the non cached rendering is so much slower in 6.2 than in 4.5? that would be really interest...


21:57 Core Feature #57468: minify html output more
... and make use of PageRenderer->removeLineBreaksFromTemplate i production mode.
That won't work if pre-tags are in...
21:39 Core Feature #57468 (Under Review): minify html output more
since there are tools like firebug and so on, nobody needs "beautiful" html output.
In the html output there are s...


21:51 Community Extensions Revision 84532: Delete .idea folder
21:51 Team developer helpers Revision 84532: Delete .idea folder

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