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14:02 Formhandler Suggestion #57829 (New): shorten confirmation link in email
currently there are a lot of information in the link:...


02:07 tt_news Bug #57758 (New): wrong $imageMode in LATEST mode
in function getImageMarkers there is an error:...


02:00 mm_forum Bug #56064: Edit and delete of posts not possible because of missing token
Thank you Bernhard for the patch. I was wondering why you pushed it into a branch and not into master? Usually the wo...


11:23 Core Task #48837: Up to 100% performance loss since TYPO3 4.5
can somebody explain why the non cached rendering is so much slower in 6.2 than in 4.5? that would be really interest...


21:57 Core Feature #57468: minify html output more
... and make use of PageRenderer->removeLineBreaksFromTemplate i production mode.
That won't work if pre-tags are in...
21:39 Core Feature #57468 (Under Review): minify html output more
since there are tools like firebug and so on, nobody needs "beautiful" html output.
In the html output there are s...


21:51 Community Extensions Revision 84532: Delete .idea folder
21:51 Team developer helpers Revision 84532: Delete .idea folder
21:10 Team developer helpers Revision 84531: Version 2.0.0
21:10 Community Extensions Revision 84531: Version 2.0.0

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