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22:25 File List Feature #10078 (On Hold): Migrate LocalLang-Files
The language files have been copied and must not be deleted in order to be backward compatible.
The new language f...


12:43 View Helper Collection Feature #10188 (New): New Viewhelper "CountryName"
Should use the Static Info Tables therefore.


00:04 File List Feature #10081 (Accepted): Add the SEARCH-Mode to pi2
00:04 File List Feature #10080 (New): Create a ViewHelper for the vFolderTree
00:02 File List Feature #10079 (Accepted): Add the PERSONAL-mode to pi2
This feature needs a viewhelper that will be shipped with TYPO3 4.5, maybe I'll have to backport it to the vhc-extens...
00:00 File List Feature #10078 (On Hold): Migrate LocalLang-Files
The english LocalLang-files (shipped with the extension) are moved to their new location, now I'll have to take care ...
23:58 File List Major Feature #10077 (Accepted): Create a extbase / fluid plugin Interface for dr_blob
Both versions (old- & new one) of the plugin have to stay operational
Therefore pi1 will remain the pibase-implement...


22:03 File List Bug #9561 (Closed): Usage of $ICON_TYPES is deprecated since 4.4.
21:52 File List Bug #8181 (Closed): page browser
21:51 File List Bug #8482 (Closed): Invalid method declaration in tx_drblob_div

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