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22:31 Localization Manager (l10nmgr) Bug #13108 (Closed): Adding status icons to the page tree does not work
After upgrading to TYPO3 4.5 the page tree does not render the status icons indicating the number of unsolved transla...


22:25 File List Feature #10078 (On Hold): Migrate LocalLang-Files
The language files have been copied and must not be deleted in order to be backward compatible.
The new language f...


12:43 View Helper Collection Feature #10188 (New): New Viewhelper "CountryName"
Should use the Static Info Tables therefore.


00:04 File List Feature #10081 (Accepted): Add the SEARCH-Mode to pi2
00:04 File List Feature #10080 (New): Create a ViewHelper for the vFolderTree
00:02 File List Feature #10079 (Accepted): Add the PERSONAL-mode to pi2
This feature needs a viewhelper that will be shipped with TYPO3 4.5, maybe I'll have to backport it to the vhc-extens...
00:00 File List Feature #10078 (On Hold): Migrate LocalLang-Files
The english LocalLang-files (shipped with the extension) are moved to their new location, now I'll have to take care ...
23:58 File List Major Feature #10077 (Accepted): Create a extbase / fluid plugin Interface for dr_blob
Both versions (old- & new one) of the plugin have to stay operational
Therefore pi1 will remain the pibase-implement...


22:03 File List Bug #9561 (Closed): Usage of $ICON_TYPES is deprecated since 4.4.
21:52 File List Bug #8181 (Closed): page browser

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