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10:14 pt_extlist Bug #52619: Error in Frontend with TYPO3 6.2
Since our company is not working with T3 v6 at the moment, this won't have any priority. If you can provide a patch, ...


14:15 TYPO3.Surf Feature #52072 (Accepted): Make Port in Varnish Tasks configurable
The Varnish ban and purge tasks have the port for Varnish management hardcoded. Since there might be different ports ...


17:17 pt_extlist Bug #36604 (Closed): Exception: "Serialization of Closure is not allowed"
Seems to be resolved.
17:16 pt_extlist Feature #49290 (Closed): SOAP DataSource
Since this is a very problem-specific use case, we won't implement a generic solution. If you need our assistence in ...
17:14 pt_extlist Bug #50819 (Needs Feedback): Fetching of properties from childelements of type ObjectStorage not possible
Your problem is in the definition of fields:...


14:11 tt_news integration for YAG Bug #39245: Impossible to unselect selected albums
The widget is already refactored. If you take a look at the "normal" yag content element plugin, you will see that it...
12:47 tt_news integration for YAG Bug #39245: Impossible to unselect selected albums
Hi Bastian,
unfortunately there is only one other solution atm: go to PHPMyAdmin and unset yag_album field in tt_n...


13:13 tt_news integration for YAG Bug #38250 (Accepted): Internal Server Error (Error 500)
Das ist ein Problem in pt_extbase, ich meine ab T3 Version 4.7 - siehe dazu


15:37 YAG - Theme Simpleviewer Bug #37462: Gallery/Image Mess in Backend!
Hi Chris,
since I never saw any money from neither you or your customers, I don't feel responsible for their annoy...
02:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #37455 (Closed): Autoload gives strange error message if insufficient file permissions in cache dir
When installing a "new" extension via EM which brings its own ext_autoload file, autoloading / class loading mechanis...

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