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16:29 Base Distribution Task #53293 (Resolved): Typo in Sites Management > New Site
When creating a new site in Sites Management it says:...


14:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #44571: FE pdf thumbnail generation fails
Had the same problem and using the current 6-0 branch helped!


20:11 TYPO3.Flow Bug #10185 (Resolved): Wrong rule in Coding Guidelines for file naming
Either this is a special exception or simply wrong:...
15:17 TYPO3.Flow Bug #10181 (Resolved): "Source" at the end of a paragraph saying nothing
In the documentation of the coding guidelines (AppendixCodingGuidelines.xml) there is the word "Source" standing at t...


18:35 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3534: File permission issues
Robert Lemke wrote:
> * Depending on how we decide about the general concept of having a GUI or CLI for the main adm...


23:29 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3568: PHP version check comes too late on non-namespaced PHP versions
What about adding this after "BOOTSTRAPDEV"?...
21:29 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3534: File permission issues
Robert Lemke wrote:
> > Data/Temporary is 777-ed at the moment, too. it has to, since both CLI and Web requests crea...


22:09 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3550: Uncaught FLOW3 Exception in FileBackend on Windows
Did you try to change the Temporary Directory like it is described in the documentation?
There are some problems wit...
14:12 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3544: CLI logs end up in the Web folder due to bug in Utility\Environment
Found the Bug, but you have to invent the solution ;)
The Problem is, that the constructor of the Enviroment class...


11:48 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3534 (Resolved): File permission issues
There are still some file persmission issues, which won't kill you, but are not perfectly clean in sense of security ...

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