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16:29 Base Distribution Task #53293 (Resolved): Typo in Sites Management > New Site
When creating a new site in Sites Management it says:...


14:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #44571: FE pdf thumbnail generation fails
Had the same problem and using the current 6-0 branch helped!


22:12 TYPO3.Setup Bug #41810 (Closed): Symlinks don't work if open_basedir and suhosin is used
I know, that doesn't belong in a bug report, but i first wanted to say Neos looks and feels AWESOME. Can't wait until...


22:01 Calendar Base Bug #32258 (Closed): ext_emconf limits to version 4.5.99 while release notes talk about 4.6 compa...
I updated my TYPO3 installation to 4.6.1 and wanted to update the cal extension to 1.4.2.
It tells me it is only com...


22:46 PHP_CodeSniffer Task #9608: Merge and/or backport the existend sniffs from FLOW3 into our TYPO3 standards pool
Since the existing team has "spammed" enough (just joking) to motivate me to finish the already begun work for FLOW3 ...
20:11 TYPO3.Flow Bug #10185 (Resolved): Wrong rule in Coding Guidelines for file naming
Either this is a special exception or simply wrong:...
15:17 TYPO3.Flow Bug #10181 (Resolved): "Source" at the end of a paragraph saying nothing
In the documentation of the coding guidelines (AppendixCodingGuidelines.xml) there is the word "Source" standing at t...


18:35 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3534: File permission issues
Robert Lemke wrote:
> * Depending on how we decide about the general concept of having a GUI or CLI for the main adm...


23:29 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3568: PHP version check comes too late on non-namespaced PHP versions
What about adding this after "BOOTSTRAPDEV"?...
21:29 TYPO3.Flow Bug #3534: File permission issues
Robert Lemke wrote:
> > Data/Temporary is 777-ed at the moment, too. it has to, since both CLI and Web requests crea...

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