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14:42 MW Imagemap Feature #59964: 6.2 compatibility
I needed to update, so I changed a few lines. The config_inc.php was a bit tricky...
Maybe this (extension attached)...


10:41 mm_forum_news Bug #33912 (Closed): no content and title in forum entry
No feedback for 18 months -> closed.


01:33 mm_forum Bug #43439 (Needs Feedback): private mail error with version 1.9.2 and TYPO3 4.7.7
Have you tried the current trunk (1.10-dev)? This should fix the problem. Please let me know if that solves your prob...
01:31 mm_forum Bug #43103 (Needs Feedback): notification mails garbled when using multibyte text
Should be already solved in the current trunk. Can you test 1.10-dev?
01:29 mm_forum Bug #51566 (Closed): Can not add Usergroup in Module
Dublicate #51565
01:26 mm_forum Bug #51882 (Resolved): registration email weird characters
Thanks for testing. It is sad, that the release cycle is so long.


23:52 mm_forum Bug #51882: registration email weird characters
Have you tried the SVN version of the extension? It's been a while, but I think the SVN version uses the new mail API...


15:24 mm_forum Feature #49845 (Needs Feedback): show in FE exactly extension version is a potential security risk
So it is a marker. => No need for an adjustment. Just change the template and you are done.
I would set this bug t...


18:29 mm_forum Feature #49845: show in FE exactly extension version is a potential security risk
I never had this problem as I adjusted the template to fit my needs. Anyways, I use another extension to remove all p...


11:59 mm_forum Bug #37627 (Needs Feedback): message text not there
This issue will be closed, if no feedback is provided.

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