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23:43 powermail Bug #79151: Spamshield generates Thank you Message
Any feedback for me? Otherwise I will close this issue.
23:42 powermail Task #79036: better marker generation (convert accented characters to ascii equivalents)
Any further feedback? Otherwise I will close this issue.
23:41 powermail Bug #79217 (Resolved): MySQL strict mode errors
Resolved with 3.10.1
23:36 powermail Bug #79217 (In Progress): MySQL strict mode errors
I pushed a fix to develop branch. Ready for upcoming release.


20:35 powermail Feature #79254 (Rejected): Need to send cc of receiver mail
There are two different possibilities to send an email to a CC address.
1) Use more then one line for the receiver...


12:26 powermail Bug #79151 (Needs Feedback): Spamshield generates Thank you Message
Hello Henning,
if spamshield is detects spam, the form is shown again with a message above (see http://powermail.i...


21:39 Sphinx Documentation Viewer Plugin Bug #79112 (New): Could not build Sphinx
I finally wanted to check if #75615 is solved in my TYPO3 7.6.14 installation but I'm not able to check if Sphinx wor...
20:58 powermail Feature #79067 (On Hold): Define which fields should be stored in mail.sender_name and mail.sende...
In my words - setting TypoScript like:...
20:49 powermail Feature #78980 (On Hold): Multiple usage of fields
Ok, in my words:
Fields (and probably also Pages) should be used for more than in only one form.
This is not that...
20:40 powermail Bug #78823 (Needs Feedback): Powermail Export - wrong field selection-possibilities in case of fo...
I was able to think about this issue some days ago and I think it's not that easy to fix.
My first approach was to si...

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