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15:42 powermail Bug #66048 (Rejected): Select Field only shows: No identifying value for object of class "" found.
Duplicated to #65792
09:27 powermail Bug #66035 (Rejected): Cannot Export Powermail as CSV/XLS via Scheduler
see #64232 for this feature request.


15:37 powermail Bug #66026 (Accepted): Trailing backslash
15:31 powermail Bug #66022 (Needs Feedback): localization of validatioon-messages
Hi David,
I'm sorry, but I have no idea, what's the issue.
Can you please write down some TypoScript or a screens...
15:25 powermail Feature #66021 (Rejected): Extend prefill from Frontend-User-Database
ok, thx
15:13 powermail Bug #66005 (Rejected): preffill (by URL) shoud use form-ids only but not fieldwrap-ids
Hi David,
I can not reproduce this issue.
Nevertheless: Prefilling fields with uid is outdated and not possible...


20:43 powermail Task #65993 (In Progress): Refactoring the Backend Module
Currently there are some things that should be fixed together with the backend module:
# Performance issue, if too m...
09:55 powermail Bug #65942 (Accepted): Country Select - mandatory Option
The reason was not to enabling too much features, because that increases the testing effort.
Nevertheless it should ...
09:36 powermail Bug #65637 (Rejected): The action "edit" (controller "Output") is not allowed by this plugin.


10:28 powermail Bug #65839 (Rejected): validated text fields do not accept German "Umlaute" and special signs lik...
In powermail 2.1 and newer umlauts are not supported by default.
See #64150 for more details.

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