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20:23 powermail Feature #69403 (Rejected): Include crdate on default fields at the generated mail export file
Hi Jacco,
thx for the issue, but at the moment I don't want to change this behaviour.
The function is used in mor...
20:18 powermail Bug #69066: Fatal Error while trying to edit a powermail form in Frontend
Any change to debug this on a testsystem (because I can't reproduce it)?
20:18 powermail Bug #69379 (Rejected): powermail
Thx for the final note


19:47 powermail Bug #69146: Frontend template configuration
Hi Kai,
thx for the hint. I could simulate the problem on my testsystem.
I played a bit and it seems, that the li...
19:15 powermail Bug #69366 (In Progress): link inside of checkbox label should be parsed for confirmation pages a...
The Partial on EXT:powermail/Resources/Private/Partials/PowermailAll/Web.html must be changed (see patch).
Pushed ...
17:13 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Bug #68289 (Needs Feedback): initFeUser in eID classes causes errors in TYPO3 6.2.14
Hi Frank,
can you give me a hint, how to reproduce this error?
* Where can I find it?
* Firebug console?
* Or e...
16:43 Support #69367 (Resolved): Needed a further leader for extension femanager
is it possible to add a new leader for extension femanager in gerrit?
The leader is already registered in red...
14:06 powermail Bug #56116 (Needs Feedback): Checkbox values get lost on validation errors
@Urs: Can you test it here please:
Does it work or can you reprodu...
11:57 powermail Feature #68999 (Resolved): Possibility to configure e-mailtemplate sent by export command controller
10:51 powermail Feature #68999 (Needs Feedback): Possibility to configure e-mailtemplate sent by export command c...
I don't know what you are writing of.
See line 202

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