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10:49 TYPO3.ExtJS Revision f59f22e5: [TASK] Update Ext JS to version 4
Included Ext JS 4. Modified the viewhelper so it works with version 4.
Copied the old viewhelper to IncludeVersion3Vi...


14:39 Browser Feature #27714 (Accepted): Update to Ext JS 4
Browser should use Ext JS 4 and so the new Extjs FLOW3 package.


14:55 Browser Feature #27619 (New): Basic CRUD
Implement a basic CRUD interface for atomic types as strings, boolean, ...
If possible this should be done using i...
14:51 Browser Feature #27618 (Accepted): Implement Paging
Enable paging in the data-grid so that only a subset of all records are loaded.


21:03 Browser Wiki edit: Timeline (#1)
21:02 Browser Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)


22:58 Community Bug #25716 (Resolved): date_of_birth invalid default value
20:59 Community Bug #25716 (Resolved): date_of_birth invalid default value
In the ext_tables.sql date_of_birth has an invalid default value of ''.
Should be changed to '0'.


19:57 Community Feature #1718 (Closed): Add an ACL view helper
As discussed with Christian (some time ago) this is not a good idea: "don't put logic into the view".
Maybe consider...
19:53 Community Task #1978 (Closed): make sure community applications are instantiated only once

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