Christoph Volkamer

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19:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #81314: doubled references upon related record change
Hi there,
I stumbled again over this annoying bug, when using 8.7.15. I just updated from 8.7.10 and I'm pretty sh...


18:57 TYPO3 Core Task #53292: Add absRefPrefix to responsive images
Confirmed! Can't use srcset with "absRefPrefix = /"


16:36 Advanced sitemaps Bug #37645 (Resolved): Limit seems to have no influence on output
The field limit in the configuration records seems to have no influence on the amount of records in the sitemap!?


13:03 FE User Management Bug #12820 (Resolved): class or TS-configuration option for required field mark in form labels
Hi there,
it would be great and ease css-styling of the forms, if the required-star at the end of the labels was e...


15:27 FE User Management Feature #12672 (Resolved): Ability to comletely disable JavaScript-Output
Hi there,
it would be great if one could completely supress any JavaScript output of the extension. If I disable t...

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