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12:57 Task #44839 (Closed): Search filter by user seems broken
Just checked the search and I think the filter by user is not working.


16:09 Bug #43764 (Closed): Frontpage list styles
Please check the attachement
15:42 Task #43760 (Closed): remove anker link icons
could you please remove the anker icons. they are two small and the function is not clear... /btw: neccesary
15:32 Task #43759 (Closed): Use tab styles for filters
please use the tab styles for the filters and subnavigation
15:23 Bug #30001 (Rejected): Edit Search-Dropdown
11:37 Task #43750 (Closed): Remove search switch
please remove the switch before the search input field. we removed that function at as well
11:21 Bug #43749 (Closed): Login not working when already logged in
cannot login if logged in at already
error message:
*Server Error
sigsso: An error in the Third P...


12:22 Editorial Team Task #31103 (Resolved): Mailing list section
Here is some feedback from Steffen Gebert:


10:57 Suggestion #29991: Footer under forum-messages
I wouldn't add a signature for now. If we later think that could be useful we can add a signature then.


18:01 Task #13911 (Closed): First markup
I just uploaded the first markup version.

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