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17:26 Board (public) Archive: Association Strategy : RE: scenarios
hi all.
i agree with daniel on all points.
in addition i think it would be vital to discuss (regarding #3)
1. ...


21:48 Budget 2014 Discussion: RE: TYPO3 outreach and evangelism
i also agree on that. we have a wonderful community and a wonderful project. but i recognized that we tend to stay in...


16:57 Grid Elements (former official tracker) - now moved to Gitlab! Bug #52078: Content Element Restriction in Page columns working only partially.
hi joey, we did test with the new git version from 19.9.13 - still not fixed :-( - joey we need this, it can be spons...


17:05 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: General Assembly
hi patrick,
no there are 3 cebabs and one GA.
thanx for the hint with the wrong link, i will contact the eab.
17:02 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: T3DD
hi sebastian,
i'm missing the incorporation in the strategy of the associations event committee. i suggest you shoul...
16:59 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Team Meeting
Hi all,
I think we need a high acceptance for this meeting not only in the teams but also in the rest of the commu...
16:38 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: T3CON travel expenses
hi all,
we have incomings and outgoings in our association accounting and we have to track the money flow to enhance...
16:21 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Server
hi andreas,
we can't grant budget right away - due to our bylaws we are bound to the GA, which will take place on th...
16:12 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Lawyer
hi phillipp,
it's a budget for the issues to come, since we have no running issues. so i'm sorry that we can't publi...
16:04 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Board Assistence
hi andreas,
atm the typo3 association is not able to employ people outside of switzerland. we already checked out th...

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