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19:32 WEC Map Bug #82791 (Resolved): Missing error message about browser key
Thanks. I've corrected the error. New version on GitHub.
19:28 WEC Map Major Feature #71242 (Closed): Make extension TYPO3 7 compatible.
Already released a long time ago.


20:12 Server Team Task #78901: Remove GIT-repo for be_acl
Yes, but only the GIT-repo. The bugtracker on Forge is still in use and I don't plan to move it.


22:02 Calendar Base Bug #81543: Backend users see all categories when editing an cal event, even if the categories ar...
Your submitted changeset won't work. As Kai pointed out, the TCA is wrong. The TreeView-methods aren't called at all ...


23:12 Calendar Base Bug #81739: JS error
I can confirm the problem. The suggested patch works.


21:59 Calendar Base Feature #81261: Support page ACLs for categories
Uploaded correct patch file
21:51 Calendar Base Feature #81261 (New): Support page ACLs for categories
We have a setup with lots of different calendars and categories that are accessible by certain BE-user groups only. F...


19:12 WEC Map Major Feature #81111: Make extension TYPO3 8.7 compatible.
I can't promise a short-term resolution because of time reasons. Any contributions are welcome. Please submit PRs on ...


21:05 Calendar Base Bug #80927 (Resolved): Update wec_map-integration
In Classes/Model/LocationModel.php the instantiation of wec_map should look like this:...


20:37 Calendar Base Bug #80739 (Resolved): TCA for static_info_tables wrong
The TCA of tx_cal_location has to be adapted to the release version of static_info_tables for TYPO3 >= 7.6 LTS. The r...

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