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09:23 aloha Bug #32458: Simple editor
No problems :)


10:18 TYPO3 CMS - What's New Task #53498 (Accepted): TYPO3 CMS 6.2 What's New: Swedish translation


11:28 Media Management Major Feature #50810 (Closed): Add File picker in TYPO3 Backend
When adding images to normal content like text with images it should fetch files from Media module instead of normal ...


12:44 aloha Bug #32458: Simple editor
We tried to get the editor working on any other editor that an full admin
What we know it isnt possible
09:08 aloha Suggestion #32462 (Rejected): Hide
Hidden objekts should be possible to se
maybe greyedout
09:07 aloha Bug #32461 (Needs Feedback): save / Hide button
Doesnt work .
Im using chrome
Save doesnt work also
09:00 aloha Suggestion #32460 (Needs Feedback): Icons in top
Should have description texts
08:58 aloha Suggestion #32459 (Needs Feedback): Versions
Extension should have versions
08:57 aloha Bug #32458 (Needs Feedback): Simple editor
Aloha editor doesnt work for simple editors
08:52 aloha Feature #32457 (New): Adding elements with templavoila
It should be possible to add content with templavoila
Maybe with drag and drop as in advanced Front end editing

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