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12:34 TYPO3.Neos Revision 2147f5ff: [BUGFIX] Prevent call to undefined getContext() on a non-object
This change fixes the situation that $documentNode was set to
TRUE when it is set while it should be set to the actua...


11:20 Base Distribution Revision 77edb957: [!!!][TASK] Move PhpCodesniffer installation to Build folder
This change removes the development requirement to the PhpCodesniffer
and moves it to the Build folder like we do wit...


18:11 TYPO3.Neos Revision 86decadb: [BUGFIX] Event model database and schema mismatch
A hack was used to add auto_increment to the uid property of the event
domain model, causing a mismatch between the s...


00:44 TYPO3.Flow Revision 3e302d24: [BUGFIX] ObjectArray should use TypeHandling::getTypeForValue
ObjectArray used get_class() to get the type of given $value. This
change changes that to using TypeHandling::getType...


00:21 TYPO3.TYPO3CR Revision fafb6c5a: [!!!][FEATURE] Creation, last modification & last publication dates
Adds a composer dependency on "gedmo/doctrine-extensions".
Implements creation date, last modification date & last p...
00:18 TYPO3.TypoScript Revision 67b03864: [BUGFIX] Add missing mock securityContext to failing tests
The content cache unit tests fail since the security context hash is
used in the cache identifier. This change adds a...


22:16 TYPO3.Flow Revision 2cd40192: [BUGFIX] Remove duplicate use statement
This change removes a duplicate use statement for the
UnitTestCase in the AuthenticationProviderManagerTest.


19:44 TYPO3.Media Revision ea8ff6a4: [BUGFIX] Down migration for PostgreSQL lacks type cast
The down migration for Version20141118174901 lacks a type cast
and fails because of that. This change adds the type c...


20:20 TYPO3.Media Revision 494eae65: [TASK] Add missing PostgreSQL migration
For change Ia1ae5768fe84072f9b3c54fe5919d1e1af5647f6 the PostgreSQL
schema needs an additional migration. This change...


22:48 TYPO3.Neos Revision 50652e7b: [BUGFIX] Empty integer values are converted to array by vie
When a node type has a property of type integer without a default
value configured the content element wrapping servi...

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