Stefan Busemann


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13:29 and community tools Bug #78106 (Rejected): Search in file list is incomplete
Dear Stefan,
please use the project to report a typo3 cms issue.


10:48 and community tools Bug #77739 (Accepted): no jpg possible in PSL Edit Profile Form
Hey PSL-Team,

there is still a bug in the PSL Edit Profile Form.

The Form says that the logo should be a jpg...


12:47 Core Task #77546 (Closed): Imports
If an editor uses the "new" page wizard, the subpages of the current pages are shown at the same level at the current...


22:18 Board (public) Task #56807 (Closed): Evaluation of alternatives
22:18 Board (public) Task #60388 (Resolved): Holder and Admin-C of registered Domains of the T3A
22:18 Board (public) Task #64814 (Resolved): Election 2016: Start of online nomination
14:40 Board (public) Task #50986 (Rejected): Christmas Cards for Gold & Platinum Members 2016
We decided to cancel this campaign.


16:17 and community tools Story #71595 (Resolved): Moved all SVN repos from old server into GitHub project
16:14 and community tools Task #76193 (Resolved): Deploy Ajaxlogin version 1.0.3
16:14 and community tools Major Feature #57646 (Resolved): Migrate the extensions from SVN to Git

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