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21:33 Board (public) Task #81636 (Resolved): 2018 budget handling
16:39 Board (public) Task #83790 (In Progress): Supervisory board Report 2017-4
16:38 Board (public) Task #76145 (Resolved): Restructure Assoc Content
10:32 Board (public) Task #57704: Using the Voting Tool for additional decisions
due to t3o-relaunch, I need to move this topic. It is planned, to integrate this function at the beginning of 2019.
10:31 Board (public) Task #81641 (Resolved): Draft for new association structure
The draft is accepted, new by-laws are in work.
10:29 Board (public) Task #83621: Add proceedings for the Supervisory board
We had our first meeting, to discuss the topic. Next meeting will be at at the 8th of march
10:22 Board (public) Task #81638 (In Progress): Vouchers & Events
The voucher management will be integrated into - user stories are written. The API will be finished unti...


13:11 TYPO3 Core Feature #30509: Web>Page: Copy content element - page into pagetree
Riccardo De Contardi wrote:
> P.s. I can't remember a feature to cut/copy a content element and then paste it into...


10:54 TYPO3 Core Feature #83965: Show sys_notes optional at the top of page module
The solution in #61170 is only viable for developers, to customize the BE via PHP. I think, it should be an option in...


17:37 TYPO3 Core Feature #83965 (Resolved): Show sys_notes optional at the top of page module
As an editor, I want read important instructions for editing at the top of a page. Instructions are not visible for e...

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