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08:05 Board (public) Task #81170 (Accepted): Reward for personal memberships
We plan that we set up some kind of rewards for every 500 community member.
* Define the kind of reward
* ...


18:13 Relaunch 2017 Task #78114 (Resolved): Make a timeplan for TER movement


21:27 tt_address Feature #77530 (Needs Feedback): manual Sort items by sys_category table
Hi Micha,
can you describe your request a bit more?


21:43 Board (public) Election 2017: Candidates for BCC: Roberto Torresani
I am Roberto Torresani and I'm living in Trento (north of Italy). I'm using TYPO3 since 2004 and I'm one of the most ...
21:41 Board (public) Election 2017: Candidates for BCC: Ingo Schmitt
born 1974, is the CTO of Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH and has worked with TYPO3 as a Developer since 2003: In th...
21:25 Board (public) Election 2017: Candidates for EAB: Peter Pröll
I am working with TYPO3 since 2004. From 2009 until 2012 I was member of the TYPO3 Association Board and played an ac...
21:24 Board (public) Election 2017: Candidates for EAB: Petra Hasenau
Coming from a background as an educated industrial manager and logistics specialist of the late 80s and having worked...
21:21 Board (public) Election 2017: Candidates for EAB: Boris Hinzer
Is part of the current EAB and is willing for a second turn.
eenage boys in a small town called Erkelenz near Mönc...


08:25 Board (public) Task #56398 (Resolved): Communication improovements
We are using Google Drive, so this seems to work.


16:46 Server Team Task #79483: srv135: migrate voting web site
The current site can be archived, if I get a new "fresh" server, where i can install a TYPO3 environment for the new ...

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