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11:44 and community tools Task #76883 (Rejected): Salvage every extension key
Duplicate to #78667
11:30 and community tools Task #60614 (Closed): Remove powermail
no upgrade to 6.2
11:24 Relaunch 2017 Task #78114 (Accepted): Make a timeplan for TER movement
11:22 and community tools Bug #77912 (Closed): Exception on "my extensions" TER page
The functionality "salvage keys" will be removed of the "manage extension keys" #78667
11:21 and community tools Task #78667 (Accepted): Create one time scheduler for salvage all extension keys
We want to get rid of the old database structure, to have clean data.
* Create scheduler task to salv...
11:15 and community tools Feature #78104 (Rejected): A Category filter in list module ..
Dear Stefan,
I think this are feature request for the product TYPO3. This project is about the website
11:10 and community tools Bug #77514 (Accepted): Performance issue in ext key listing


08:52 Budget 2017 PSL: RE: Income and expenses for the Professional Services Listing (PSL)
Are the income numbers realistic? Can you try to list the results of last year?


17:45 Core Feature #78432 (New): Add log message for "Switch User action"
If an admin switches to another be_user account, this action should be reported in the log.
Further all actions s...


16:11 and community tools Bug #78135 (Resolved): PSL: filter checkboxes on the right side have no effect on empty search form

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