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09:10 Board (public) Task #66824 (In Progress): Create a Budget Owner guide
Issue: As a budget owner for the first tim it hard to understand the process. There should be guide for budget owners.


20:37 Board (public) Task #34003: Non-GPL or non-GPL-compliant Extensions in TER
will try it to implement it at the planned t3o sprint
20:30 Board (public) Task #56807: Evaluation of alternatives
not that high priority currently, so moved
17:41 Board (public) Task #65849 (Resolved): OASIS Context Server (CXS) Technical Committee
Hi Board,
as the first meeting will be in April in Paris I have asked Cyril Wolfangel to join as my proxy.
I stil...
17:40 Board (public) Task #55332 (Resolved): GA 2015: Second invitation per Email
17:39 Board (public) Task #55329 (Resolved): second announcement of the election
17:38 Board (public) Task #66364: Missing Association Membership Listing (part 2)
Set up a working group with:
* Boris
* Olivier (& Peter)
* Thomas
Next Step: Stefan will invite for a follow up...
17:36 Board (public) Task #55328 (Resolved): Election 2015: Set Up a discussion platform
17:35 Board (public) Task #56983: Revision of Bylaws T3A
The GA accepted our draft.
Suggestion for article 3 by the Board:
Die TYPO3 Association fördert das Projekt ...


12:33 Board (public) Task #66530 (New): Benefits of our membership
From Board Meeting 23.02.2015
improve the communication about the current benefits of our membership:
* allow to ...

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