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22:32 Board (public) Task #86247 (Accepted): Set up a budget committee
*Budget Committee*
We will start now, to set up a budget committee, which will be responsible to do the whole budg...


17:17 Board (public) Task #85724: Improve Budget Management
I added the userstories at


10:30 Board (public) Task #85724 (In Progress): Improve Budget Management
What do we need to do?
* Internal process documentation
* * We create working document as Google Doc: https://d...
10:28 Board (public) Task #84787: Move domain costs into trademark budget
I contacted Michi Stucki, to identify the yearly costs.
10:23 Board (public) Task #81638: Vouchers & Events
Implementation for membership management is planned for Q4


22:29 Board (public) Task #85715 (In Progress): TYPO3 in Africa
We want to support the African Community.
Last activities:
* Daniel Homorodean was at the CMS conference in Rwand...


19:44 Board (public) Task #83621 (Resolved): Add proceedings for the Supervisory board
Proceedings are created and decided by the Board:


13:55 Board (public) Task #84784: Update and document budget process
*Next steps:*
Update the budget owner list at
Introduce terms and conditions
Document the process
Add u...


10:48 Board (public) Task #85075 (In Progress): This is my first TYPO3 event checkbox at event registration
Possibility of indicating a wish to be a “guide” for people who have checked this box.
To identify the “newbies” t...
10:46 Board (public) Task #85074 (In Progress): Universal access as requirement at official TYPO3 events
It’s probably already law in most countries, but it’s a nice gesture to put it in writing ourselves.
Request: “All...

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