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20:13 Board (public) Task #88281 (Accepted): Meet TYPO3 India
We like to organize a meet TYPO3 in India
20:11 Board (public) Task #88280 (Accepted): Improve online voting
*Election System:*
Better communication about start and end of the voting.
Better guidance for the candidates peopl...
20:09 Board (public) Task #85073: Update Field of responsibilities
*General Responsibilities*
* Budgeting ⇒ Stefan
* Membership Administration ⇒ Alain / Stefan
* Accounting ⇒ Alain...


13:29 Board (public) Task #88196: Create an Association Google Account
In May we will discuss this topic at the next Meeting in Düsseldorf.
10:50 Board (public) Task #88196 (In Progress): Create an Association Google Account
10:39 Board (public) Task #88186 (In Progress): GDPR 2019
10:18 Board (public) Task #85715 (Resolved): TYPO3 in Africa
This project was finished successful
10:07 Board (public) Task #88218 (In Progress): Prolongation of Community memberships
Stefan talked with the Back Office. The automatic prolongations for community memberships do not work. We need to fix...


10:32 Board (public) Task #88196 (In Progress): Create an Association Google Account
The TYPO3 Association needs an own Google Account, in order store data properly.
* Check who should get an...
10:20 Board (public) Task #88195 (In Progress): TYPO3 Reach out / Community expansion

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