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16:04 Board (public) Task #66824 (Resolved): Create a Budget Owner guide
I have created a page
I will inform the EAB, that th...
15:06 Board (public) Task #66530 (Resolved): Benefits of our membership
The page is updated.
14:32 Board (public) Task #66364: Missing Association Membership Listing (part 2)
Functionality is added to t3o.
Next steps:
* make it beauty
* add support for election list
* add support for ...
13:19 Board (public) Task #61363 (In Progress): Provide a partnerprogramm
13:19 Board (public) Task #61818: TODO: Talk openly, develop openly.
After writing them two times w/o getting an answer, I suggest to close this ticket. In my eyes this group aims only f...
13:11 Board (public) Task #67342: Improve member newsletter
At t3o we do have a working direct mail environment. These are the todos:
* Define target groups
* provide users po...
13:09 Board (public) Task #60388 (In Progress): Holder and Admin-C of registered Domains of the T3A
13:09 Board (public) Task #60388: Holder and Admin-C of registered Domains of the T3A
Michi reported me, that the Server Team is doing progress on this task.


22:32 and community tools Feature #67755 (In Progress): integrate memberlisting
Current Draft:
Next steps:
* Build CSS


18:39 and community tools Bug #61585 (In Progress): TYPO3 news tabs on homepage of break into 2 lines

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