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10:31 Board (public) Task #85073: Update Field of responsibilities
Draft for the update:


17:16 Board (public) Task #91280 (Accepted): Product Survey
Stefan received an email to a survey, regarding the launch of drupal 9. This is a good idea, to do this also for the ...
17:13 Board (public) Task #91279 (New): Disaster Recovery Plan for TYPO3 Association / Company / Community
The Board should ensure, that there are Disaster Recovery Plan for TYPO3 Association / Company / Community regarding ...
17:09 Board (public) Task #91278 (In Progress): Report QSA 2 / 2020
We want to report about our acitvities.
* Write a report about the GA and QSA2
17:07 Board (public) Task #91277 (Accepted): Board Organisation
Our internal processes must get better documentation and a revised workflow.
* Create Board handbook
* ...
16:47 Board (public) Task #91276 (Accepted): Adjust Budget 2020
Travel and hotel costs will be much lower in 2020 as we can not have sprints (at least for the first 6 month of 2020)...
12:16 Board (public) Task #91273 (Accepted): Improve Membermanagement
The current data quality and processes behind our member management lead to different problems:
* Vouchers for Event...
10:25 Board (public) Task #91271 (In Progress): Association policy for committees and official teams
Our organisation (Association, Community Teams, Company) is lacking proper decision processes, clear responsibilities...
08:38 Board (public) Task #88280 (Resolved): Improve online voting
Election System and communication was improved.


22:43 Board (public) Task #90717 (Resolved): Preparation QSA 2-2020

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