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08:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #91776 (Resolved): Use the pid field to associate a redirect with the page it was created for
Applied in changeset commit:f426c145fcd3f428ebb4fc33706ebde22ff43e23.
08:25 TYPO3 Core Revision f426c145: [TASK] associate a redirect with the page it was created for
Redirects which are created automatically, should be bound the page, which triggered the redirect, in order to do fur...


14:14 TYPO3 Core Bug #94693: Slug fieldSeparator (and replacements) replaced by fallbackCharacter
possible duplication of #94162


20:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #93304 (New): View full error report
As an editor, I want to review the full error report of a broken link
* Error msg. can be viewed in an extern...


12:08 Board (public) Task #85073 (Resolved): Update Field of responsibilities
The page is now up to date:


13:59 Board (public) Task #91277 (Resolved): Board Organisation
will be continued in #91963
12:53 Board (public) Task #92921 (In Progress): TYPO3 less technical
12:35 Board (public) Task #92920 (In Progress): Introduce events committee
At present the TYPO3 Events Committee is in reengineering mode. Board members of the TYPO3 Association have taken the...
12:32 Board (public) Task #92918 (In Progress): Community Appreciation
* we need create acceptance criterias+
* find out ideas from old QSA protocols
10:13 Board (public) Task #92915 (New): Monthly innovation call
The TYPO3 Association is taking care of innovation within our project and product.
*Aims are:*
* Getting people t...

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