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08:22 Board (public) Task #87319 (In Progress): Invoices & Dunning

The dunning list is long and takes a lot of time for the BackOffice and the Board.
We often get the feedback, the ...


20:31 Board (public) Task #83791 (Resolved): Create a standard Agenda of an QSA definition
20:22 Board (public) Task #83791 (In Progress): Create a standard Agenda of an QSA definition
20:08 Board (public) Task #84784 (Resolved): Update and document budget process
20:07 Board (public) Task #57704 (In Progress): Using the Voting Tool for additional decisions
20:07 Board (public) Task #81170 (In Progress): membership campaign 2019
20:04 Board (public) Task #86247 (In Progress): Set up a budget committee
The Budget committee 2019 are:
* Stefan Busemann
* Peter Kraume
* Rino Razzi
* Ric van Westhreenen
19:58 Board (public) Task #85724: Improve Budget Management
The concept was discussed with the T3company. The introduction will take in place in Q2 2019
19:57 Board (public) Task #84787 (Resolved): Move domain costs into trademark budget
The information is send out to the Server Team. In the next budget, we will shift the money in the budgets.


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