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12:23 Board (public) Task #45161 (Resolved): Status of the members in the database
This is resolved, because we are using now the new system with reliable data.
12:20 and community tools Bug #68508 (Resolved): Text on profile page
Email Adresss can be changed now, but has to be unique in the system. An error will occur, if you want to change your...
11:44 and community tools Bug #68508 (Under Review): Text on profile page


11:10 Board (public) Task #61818 (Resolved): TODO: Talk openly, develop openly.


14:36 CMS-Garden Support #67923 (In Progress): Einrichtung Projektseite
14:36 CMS-Garden Support #67921 (Accepted): Kommunikation über offiziele Kanäle
14:31 CMS-Garden Task #67920 (New): New text for Gartenfibel
Link for draft:
12:38 Core Bug #63898: update function does not warn prominently about locally changed files
But is the installation of an external extension a solution for this issue? In my eyes, this is a critical funcionali...


16:04 Board (public) Task #66824 (Resolved): Create a Budget Owner guide
I have created a page
I will inform the EAB, that th...
15:06 Board (public) Task #66530 (Resolved): Benefits of our membership
The page is updated.

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