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20:24 Core Task #62779: Docker - Official Repositories
This ticket can be closed. I can't do it.
Result is here:


19:54 Board (public) Task #61363 (Needs Feedback): Provide a partnerprogramm
19:48 Board (public) Task #81640: Food at sprints
Added to agenda for next meeting


15:41 Core Bug #81744 (New): IE11 / : Links are not created correct with element browser and
If using the rtehtmlarea and TYPO3 8.7.1 with IE11 the generation of links does not work properly.
Steps to reprod...


09:52 Board (public) Task #81638 (Accepted): Vouchers & Events


21:54 Board (public) Task #81641 (In Progress): Draft for new association structure
We want to improve the association structure. We set up a working group, which will create a draft for the new struct...
20:32 Board (public) Task #81640 (In Progress): Food at sprints
It is currently unclear, if it is allowed to provide food for sprints

It is possible that we lose mone...
20:29 Board (public) Task #81639 (New): TYPO3 Roadshow
We need an active event committee, which will coordinate the event.

Ric and Petra will take of the responsibilit...
20:27 Board (public) Task #81638: Vouchers & Events
Todo: clarify responsibility
20:26 Board (public) Task #81638 (Accepted): Vouchers & Events
We need to find a way, to set up the voucher system better:
For members should be transparant how to get them
Find ...

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