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14:27 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete Bug #10275 (Needs Feedback): It doesnt work with jq_fancybox and perfectlightbox
Felek wrote:
> After I installed cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete my jq_fancybox stopped working.
> Same with perfec...


10:19 TYPO3 Core Feature #23231: hook/callback for password recovery
already implemented as $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['EXTCONF']['felogin']['password_changed'] callback hook.


14:55 TYPO3 Core Feature #23231: hook/callback for password recovery
hi Christopher,
thanks for your answer. I will get my proceeding discussed in the dev-list at first (because the c...


16:22 TYPO3 Core Feature #23231 (Closed): hook/callback for password recovery
It would be nice to have a hook/callback for the password recovery functionality. It should be called after the passw...


09:19 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete Version number increased
hi everybody,
because of an "accident" we had to raise the version number from 0.5.0 to 1.1.1. There was an uninte...


16:34 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete New version available
A brand new version is released and will be available at the TER soon.
It introduces several features:
- support ...
15:39 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete Feature #6478 (Closed): Support t3jquery extension
The jQuery libraray is now loaded from t3jquery if installed and activated, local jQuery library is omitted in this c...
15:39 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete 1.00 hour (Feature #6478 (Closed): Support t3jquery extension)
support of Juergen Furrer's t3jquery extension implemented
15:37 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete Feature #7196 (Closed): CSS-File via constants
Loading of predefined CSS file can now be skipped via TS constants/setup(set cssLoadedExternally true). The functiona...
15:37 cb_indexedsearch_autocomplete 1.00 hour (Feature #7196 (Closed): CSS-File via constants)
loading of predefined CSS file can be skipped

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