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23:02 TYPO3 Core Bug #19249 (Closed): redirect doesn't work when login page is set to hide at login
Redirect to some other page doesn't work when the login page is set to "hide at login" in the Access field.


16:02 flow3.typo3.org Bug #156 (Resolved): Dropdown menu in IE7 and "Click here to see the full width code"
The dropdown-menu doesn't show in IE7 and the "Click here to see the full width code" is out of order, too.
Might ...


23:36 flow3.typo3.org Bug #127 (Resolved): Underlined links necessary in navigation?
17:23 flow3.typo3.org Bug #126: Link color and bullets are undefined in right bar
I need a design manual to solve this issue.
17:20 flow3.typo3.org Bug #124 (Needs Feedback): Adjust feature title / description
I've added 10px padding to the top on the feature description and a little to the right and left and on the feature t...
17:05 flow3.typo3.org Bug #123 (Resolved): Footer copyright year is wrong
16:43 flow3.typo3.org Bug #120 (Resolved): Dark red shows left of features if you scale to ridicoulus small width
16:10 flow3.typo3.org Bug #117 (Resolved): Drop-down menus in IE

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