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11:01 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Feature #56692 (New): Add how to implement country selection from static_info_tables to the manual
The language selection in the frontend is working, but it is missing in the backend.
There is only a simple input fi...


10:52 NN Address Feature #69625 (Accepted): Multiple list plugins on one page (list by groups)
Listing staff by groups:
The list view with multiple lists on one page works. The detail view is multiplied however....


10:54 Mobile Detector Feature #63023: Add a link to switch between mobile and desktop version
Tomasz Krawczyk wrote:
> It is easy to achieve with TypoScript. F.e.
> [...]
> If you want automatic swit...


12:12 Mobile Detector Feature #63023 (Rejected): Add a link to switch between mobile and desktop version
For usability reasons it would be great to offer the option to switch between mobile and desktop version.


10:03 Faceted Search Bug #52038: Cronjob Error after Update of tt_news: Call to a member function exec_SELECTquery

I get the same error message (Fatal error: Call to a member function exec_SELECTquery() on a non-object in xxx/typo...


10:50 Core Bug #52219: indexed_search shows always 100% in search results in TYPO3 4.7
Same problem here with 4.7.7.
All pages show a relevance of 100% plus the results are not sorted by importance.


12:18 Core Bug #48552: Unable to install static_info_tables in 4.7.12 EM
I was able to download static_info_tables version 2.3.2 by changing the url to


14:42 jQuery Colorbox Bug #31515 (Rejected): Linking multiple images doesn't work
Links (one per line, one link per image):
When rzcolorbox is installed multiple images can not be linked to external...

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