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13:53 News Events Bug #80261 (New): class.mbl_newsevent.php does not merge $locationMarkerArray (Version 2.5.1)
Hi there
On line 790 in class.mbl_newsevent.php, there is a wrong array_merge:...


09:48 Direct Mail Bug #67291 (New): Quickmail breaks last Link
Hi there
There's an issue, when you use internal links in the quickmail source, which breaks the link and adds fol...


10:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #63955: Fatal Error if Ressource could not be found
Thanks for your answer.
I can also not reproduce this in the current Master.
How ever, i saw that there are other...


15:58 Direct Mail Bug #67088 (Closed): Module/Statistics.php uses GeneralUtility::testInt instead of MathUtility::c...
Hi There
In the File direct_mail/Classes/Module/Statistics.php on Line 1298 there is an obsolete call on GeneralUt...


13:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #63955 (Closed): Fatal Error if Ressource could not be found
Hi there
If there is a image in a RTE field which could not be found, i get a fatal error (#1314516809).
The solu...


15:48 Sandbox Feature #35989 (Under Review): remove useless comments like 'yo mama'


17:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #34329 (Closed): LIVE Workspace behavior after publishing
After publication the previewmode of workspace is completely empty.
If the editor switches to LIVE Workspace on th...

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