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16:24 Secure Downloads Bug #67141: Link with a class (e.g. class="download") will lead to "File does not exist!"
Problem still exists in 1.8.2. We stumbled over this when working with _pmkshadowbox_, which also adds a _rel_ attrib...


23:13 powermail Bug #67255 (Resolved): form.js uses $ instead of jQuery
In form.js the two functions *deleteAllFilesListener* and *ajaxFormSubmit* use *$ instead of jQuery* with. With jQue...


13:21 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Bug #55824: Buggy JavaScript for image handling
I still think fixing this in the JavaScript itself should be sufficient. It's also bad practice to operate on propert...


00:16 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Feature #55825 (Resolved): Too generic form field IDs
I find the element IDs that are being used for the fields way too generic (@#email@, @#image@ etc.). This might easil...
00:12 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Bug #55824 (Resolved): Buggy JavaScript for image handling
Applies to femanager 1.0.11.
Femanager.js has this on line 8:...


22:32 YAG - Yet Another Gallery Feature #49208 (New): Option to set TypoScript per plugin
Just today I had the need to define image dimensions on a per-gallery basis and I haven't been able to do this. (Not ...


10:11 Core Bug #34314: workspace_perms checkbox doesn't save state
Same problem here, running 4.7.10.
Pretty annoying since editing a be_user renders it pretty much unusable because...


16:51 TYPO3.Fluid Feature #37496 (New): placeholder attribute in textarea-viewhelper
Why has this been closed with just a workaround provided?
The placeholder attribute should be supported out of the...


22:48 A Better Tag Cloud Feature #37404 (New): Ability to work with relations
Maybe I've missed something in the manual or while glancing over the code but it seems that I'm not able to create a ...


23:30 powermail_cond Bug #32038: Incorrect call t3lib_div::makeInstance('tslib_fe')
Stumbled upon this today as well. Just want to add the error messages that flood sys_log to help others searching for...

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