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17:02 Core Bug #53002: Calculation of GIFBUILDER object properties using stdWrap fails
In case anybody wants to review this one… Easier example than the one above:
Save http://i.imgur.com/oonUTii.png to ...


19:05 Language Detection Bug #43772: RealURL 'valueDefault' => 'de', language detection not working
Same issue here…
# Deactivated »valueDefault« in the RealURL config file, to let EXT:rlmp_language_detection detect ...


10:51 Core Bug #39232: PHP error_reporting cannot be set properly, E_STRICT errors shown on PHP 5.4
Stumbled upon the same bug today on a machine with Ubuntu 14.04, PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.5, PHP OPcache Version: 7.0.3FE


16:42 Core Bug #33765: Extension manager doesn't handle failed downloads (well)
The bug still exists in version 4.7.
The bug does not exist in version 6.2 however (tested with the extens...


17:36 Direct Mail Bug #52077: CSV-Import
The issue is not reproducable anymore in direct_mail 4.0.0 and TYPO3 CMS 6.2, since direct_mail uses »fileadmin/_temp...


17:02 Core Bug #57907 (Closed): Install Tool: Wrong link to system requirements
The »Welcome« page in the Install Tool has a broken link to system requirements.
Current link in Install Tool: htt...


21:27 TypoScript Reference (TSref) Task #55971: Link to the description of "case" properties
Ah, Thank you!


11:47 Core Feature #51990: Allow overriding pageNotFound_handling by TypoScript
This is a good idea, because it would clearly simplify the way for integrators to set up error pages for different do...


18:47 TypoScript Reference (TSref) Task #55971 (Resolved): Link to the description of "case" properties
The datatype of the case-property says „case“ only: http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/TyposcriptReference/Functions/Stdw...
18:13 Formhandler Bug #53638: DifferentDB Finisher
Nice! Just a quick note for people stumbling upon this ticket in a google search: the used adodb-execute-method does ...

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