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16:12 TYPO3 Core Bug #85471: Hidden pages cannot be seen in FE as a BE user when using config.sys_language_mode = ...
Am I right that this isn't fixed in TYPO3 8 LTS?
16:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #20873: Preview of hidden page translations is not possible
Yes, it is. In Version 8.7.27 this problem still exists.


11:44 TYPO3 Core Bug #60464: Backend search : Found files not appeared in search results page
In TYPO3 9 LTS it's fixed, there, files aren't shown neither in search results in right top corner nor on search resu...


09:16 TYPO3 Core Bug #83538: Backend search shows invalid search results
Seems now to be fixed in TYPO3 8.7 and 9.5.


11:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #80464: count() not working correctly in Extbase when using custom statement
I also had this bug (in TYPO3 7.6.31), even for simple (or invalid!) queries like:
$statement = 'SELECT * from myt...


15:30 TYPO3 Core Feature #87806: Scheduler: Send email on error
Hi Bernd, thank you for the hint.
I also know that you can send the output of a cronjob to an email address like thi...


18:55 TYPO3 Core Feature #87806 (New): Scheduler: Send email on error
It would be very helpful if a website maintainer is informed by email, when a scheduler task fails.
Right now, there...


12:09 TYPO3 Core Feature #77581: List module: Add preview button for records
This ticket is in review for over 2 years.
Will it be available in TYPO3 core some day?


15:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #85035: Security: Manipulate pid for FE login
I already expected this answer ("use user groups") ;)
But this doesn't solve the problem that a user still can login...


16:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #85035 (Needs Feedback): Security: Manipulate pid for FE login
A user can login with EXT:felogin by changing the hidden input field "pid", e.g. to ...

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