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07:49 TYPO3 Core Feature #55175: Accessibility and HTML5 for sysext 'form'
Benjamin Mack wrote:
> this is fixed in v7.
I tested the new 7.4 and I was not able to get a proper rendering of ...


14:22 TYPO3 Core Feature #60794: New type for ext_conf_template.txt
Thanks alot Stefan for sharing your solution.
The type=textarea should definately taken into the core!


12:50 TYPO3 Core Bug #31951: Own checkbox layout breaks HTML mail
h2. This issue still exists with 6.2.beta:...


15:54 TYPO3 Core Feature #55638: Form ext: HTML5 required validation
duplicate of


12:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #55303 (Closed): Form Wizard container drag-in & Layout broken
Create a Fieldset Element with Form Wizard.
Try to add elements to this fieldset. It won't work. Elements are adde...


16:54 TYPO3 Core Feature #55175 (Closed): Accessibility and HTML5 for sysext 'form'
Typo3 has a default doctype html5.
So the HTML code rendered by the very nice form system extension should be more...

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