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18:11 Core Task #70590 (New): Remove all notices thrown in BackendUtilityTest
Child issue of #70584
Refer to the parent issue for more details.
Alters BackendUtilityTest to provide valid TCA ...
17:18 Core Task #70587 (Under Review): Remove the first few E_NOTICEs occuring in the unit tests
First child issue of #70584
This patch removes some of the first thrown E_NOTICEs when running the core unit tests...
16:17 Core Task #70584 (New): Reduce thrown E_NOTICEs
Every time PHP tries to access an index of an array, which is not set, or a variable that is not defined PHP generate...


11:24 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Bug #70457 (Needs Feedback): TYPO3 7.5 Backend Argument "loadPrototype" was not registered
Hi Marco,
you can easily make a workaround until this is fixed in the repo. Overwrite the Template and remove the ...


12:27 Core Bug #70304 (Under Review): Database connection fails at install tool step 4
Clone the current master
Database credentials: root, no password, socket
Select an ex...


15:29 Core Feature #69643: Unit Tests can not be executed in "composer mode" projects
When you use "require typo3/cms" instead of create-project, you may work around the missing dev Namespaces of the Cor...
14:16 powermail_cond Revision 813d8bbc: [TASK] Backup Field values and consider hidden fields as empty. Filter encoded...
14:01 powermail Revision 86035270: [TASK] Wrap Text and Html Field with span containing id with field marker
13:45 powermail_cond Revision 77700bef: [TASK] Introduce $weakRule parameter to determine if a page targeting conditio...
13:05 powermail_cond Revision c2dc5f11: [TASK] Do not request form reload on action change in Conditions (BE)

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