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14:38 Mask Bug #79940 (New): page < clears all page.include*, so JS and CSS included by exten...
The Mask documentation says we should overwrite page with like this:


10:20 TemplaVoila Bug #71796: Backend modules broken in T3 7.6. (Tries to include typo3/init.php)
This is a link to exactly this issue!?


14:31 File List Bug #25956: Not Support Linux Symbolic Link Folder
It does not work with symlinks, but with hardlinks.
The problem with symlinks is that the check, if the real path of...


15:47 loginusertrack Bug #61442: Compatibility with Typo3 6.2
We also needed this functionality in Typo3 6.2 and used "festat" instead:


11:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #54276: Backend fails with error on fresh installation
Same problem with fresh 4.7.17 installation (core/dummy)
I tried to manually require the class where it is missing i...

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