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10:50 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #72477 (Accepted): After update to wt_cart 3.0.0. taxclass thwows error


13:13 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #64346 (Needs Feedback): Currency symbol shows after prices even when plugin.wtcart.main.curr...
Hi Peter,
I see your problem. We have two different ways to format the prices. One is used for the payment and shipp...
12:41 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Task #64640 (In Progress): Clear Session/ cart and redirect to success page
The cart will not be cleared if you use an own Thank-You-Page for powermail (2.0.x) because the Signal Slot "createAc...
08:49 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #64325 (In Progress): Wrong prefixId and scriptRelPath in tx_wtcart_pi2


11:33 powermail Bug #43820: createActionAfterSubmitView not issued when configured for thx page
We need the signal slot dispached here.
I figure out the problem that the signal slot is dispached twice when the ...


23:24 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Feature #11522 (Accepted): Include payment gateway
We have discussed this feature and will provide a way in version 3.0.0.
23:19 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Feature #54367 (Accepted): Rename variables
The internal name the variable is not crucial, which is changed with the version 2.1.0. It needed new getter methods....
23:05 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #51925 (Accepted): Fatal error after submit - wrong $conf call
Will be fixed in 2.1.0.
23:04 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #51237 (Needs Feedback): No quantity given
I need more Information about your system and versions. xdebug shows me that it is an integer in $this->gpvar['qty'].


16:09 Shopping Cart for TYPO3 Bug #39093: Request for not existing table field "l10n_parent"
I don't know nothing about rename the column in TYPO3. The l18n is a old fault (l10n = localization, i18n = internati...

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