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Instant communication platform (Slack)

The TYPO3 CMS team is using a tool called "Slack" kindly provided by to openly communicate with each other and with the public. The Slack tool is also used by plenty of other teams around the TYPO3 ecosphere so it is easier to interconnect teams.

If you want to join our Slack team, please register at

Then join and our channel #typo3-cms. For core-related development hands-on the channel #typo3-cms-dev is used.

CMS interest groups (CIG)

In Slack we group our resources in different "Interest Groups". So once in Slack you might also want to join the channels with the prefix #cig for a specific topic you are interested in working in. This way allows you to get informed about what's happening on that specific topic.



Benni Mack (benni)


Oliver Hader (ohader)


Alexander Opitz (opi99)
Andreas Fernandez (afernandez)
Andreas Wolf (andreaswolf)
Benjamin Kott (benjaminkott)
Christian Kuhn (lolli)
Frank Naegler (neoblack)
Frans Saris (minifranske)
Georg Ringer (just2b)
Helmut Hummel (helhum)
Jan Helke (jan_helke)
Markus Klein (liayn)
Morton Jonuschat (mjonuschat)
Nicole Cordes (IchHabRecht)
Patrick Broens (patrick)
Philipp Gampe (pgampe)
Sascha Egerer (saschae)
Stefan Neufeind (neufeind)
Susanne Moog (psychomieze)
Thomas Maroschik (tmaroschik)
Tymoteusz Motylewski (tmotylewski)
TYPO3 Release Team (typo3cms)
Wouter Wolters (wouter90)
Xavier Perseguers (xperseguers)

Pending Member

Christian Toffolo (ctoffolo)


Anja Leichsenring (maddy2101)
Arno Schoon (maxserv-arno)
Bjoern Jacob (bjacob)
Chris topher (chrissitopher)
Claus Due (NamelessCoder)
Daniel Goerz (ervaude)
Daniel Lorenz (extcode)
Daniel Lorenz (capsicumnet)
Daniel Siepmann (layne.obserdia)
Ernesto Baschny (baschny)
Felix Kopp (7elix)
Forger Service (forger)
Gianluigi Martino (gmartino27)
Gleb Levitin (gleb.levitin)
Henrik Elsner (helsner)
Jacob Rasmussen (jrasmussen)
Jo Hasenau (cybercraft_old)
Jo Hasenau (cybercraft)
Joerg Boesche (codeblocks)
Johannes Goslar (ksjogo)
Josef Glatz (jousch)
Kevin Appelt (kevin-appelt)
Ludwig Rafelsberger (tantegerda1)
Manuel Selbach (mselbach)
Marc Neuhaus (mneuhaus)
Mark Houben (niro)
Markus Sommer (delaramas)
Mathias Brodala (mbrodala)
Mathias Schreiber (dermattes)
Mattias Nilsson (mattias.nilsson)
Michael Oehlhof (michadu)
Mona Muzaffar (monamuzaffar)
Pierrick Caillon (mygoddess)
Ralf Zimmermann (tritum_rz)
Romain Leleu (rolel)
Stefan Froemken (froemken)
Stephan Großberndt (grossberndts)


Gerrit Code Review (gerrit-review)

Issue Updater

Christer V (chrisv1010)
Faton Haliti (fhaliti)
Ingo Nolden (eomir)
Jasmina Ließmann (jliessmann)
Kasper Ligaard (ligaard)
Morten Pless (
Thomas Hohn (thomashohn)

Honorary Member

Andreas Otto † (andreas)
Francois Suter (francois)
Ingmar Schlecht (ingmars)
Kasper Skaarhoj (kasper)
Michael Stucki (stucki)
René Fritz (rene)
Wolfgang Klinger (stfl_wolfgang)