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14:37 powermail_cond Feature #75013: Use special fields like country dropdown, date field
At least the field type "file" can be added without problems.
Version 3.1.1, EXT:powermail_cond\Classes\UserFunc\G...


16:39 FeManager - TYPO3 Frontend User Registration Bug #73678 (Resolved): New password not saved
After placing the plugin on a page, setting the edit-mode, and selecting the password-field only, the form is correct...


15:37 Mask Bug #70939: All internal links get page target _blank
Nice - I was searching for this very problem in the afternoon, but never thought it could have something to do with M...


14:05 Core Feature #69288 (Rejected): SEARCHRESULT Content Object Ordering
The documentation states, that with the config directive "noOrderBy" the search result can be selected from the datab...


15:33 powermail_cond Bug #65770 (Rejected): Mandatory fields derequire works only with input, not with select etc.
Clientside derequiring of fields works only with INPUT elements, but not with SELECT, TEXTAREA, and so on. This is du...


22:48 Core Bug #56213: Sorting Filelists by FAL attributes and provide sorting direction option
Update: The sorting on FAL properties is well implemented in FilesContentObject - however it is not documented how on...


13:12 Core Bug #65123 (Resolved): GeneralUtility::rmFromList() regression bug
Using TYPO3 6.2.9.
GeneralUtility::rmFromList() suffers from a regression bug. It is not handling the removal of l...


17:45 powermail_cond Bug #65105 (Rejected): Missing Session Clearing
Using powermail 2.1.12 with powermail_cond 2.1.0 on TYPO3 6.2.9.
When having some fields, which initiall...


12:00 Direct Mail Bug #63988: Upgrade to 4.0.1: Direct Mail unable to fetch HTML pages
I can confirm this behaviour on Direct Mail 4.0.1 and TYPO3 6.2.9.
Markus' suggestion is correct, I suggest patchin...


22:45 Core Bug #61491 (Resolved): Error Handling when File Collection missing
Using latest 6.1.10.
When a page is being rendered with a filelist CE, holding a reference to a sys_file_collectio...

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