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16:33 Core Feature #81379: For a page_type "Shortcut" make it possible to link to specific content
Yes, #17406 is the right one, this one can be closed as duplicate then.
13:09 Core Feature #81379 (Closed): For a page_type "Shortcut" make it possible to link to specific content
It would be nice to have a possibility to link to specific content element - not just to a complete page for "...


17:01 Core Feature #60026: Set explicitly 'readOnly' sys_language_uid of child to value, taken from parent r...
The same happens if sys_language_uid field is not shown at all - new record in non-default language will have it's sy...


20:54 Core Bug #81116 (New): Custom image crop ration breaking BE with #1351584844: An argument "key" or "id...
Issue is same as closed #80214
My TCA/Overrides/sys_file_reference.php...
18:33 Core Feature #81114 (New): Missing bitwise operations in Extbase QueryBuilder
So far this was implemented on a low-lewel in task #75563, but still not available in Extbase.
Should be possible ...


13:12 Core Bug #77964: FunctionalTestCaseBootstrapUtility not present in typo3/cms 7.6.14 composer package
Hi, Alexander.
Yes, If copy-paste of autoload-dev solves an issue, then this ticket can be closed.


16:56 Core Bug #81049 (Resolved): Not possible to use different DB connection for tables, defined in TCA due...
I'm really excited about the feature, which allows separation of tables with different databases.
But actuall...


17:50 Core Task #69439: Enhance SQL query reduction in page tree in workspaces
@ Herbert Sojnik
Seems, like it is 8.1:


14:38 Core Bug #78546 (New): CollectionValidator is not automatically assigned to ObjectStorage parameters o...
Consider the following action:...


18:16 Core Task #59312: No possibility to remove missing indexed files from DB
@Phillip, done #78473 :)

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