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04:06 TYPO3 Core Bug #19333: t3lib_htmlmail: excess newlienes in plain-text headers
No idea. Truly forgot about this and not in position to test if it's still a problem.


02:35 Commenting system (comments) Bug #29617: pi1_template.html has reference to res folder which doesn't exist
Can we please get this quick fix completed?
You can open up `resources/template/pi1_template.html` then perform a ...


20:52 SEO Basics Bug #39666 (Closed): t3lib_div::int_from_ver() - deprecated since TYPO3 4.6
Method `t3lib_div::int_from_ver()` has been deprecated since TYPO3 4.6. It can be replaced with `t3lib_utility_Versio...


17:55 TYPO3 Core Bug #19956: Page alias not publishing to LIVE from any workspace
still relevant, will try for the patch TYPO3 4.5.15. Also, trying to work around issues of appending index on uniquel...


17:19 TYPO3 Core Bug #35687 (Closed): createMergedFile failure on external links
In t3lib/class.t3lib_compressor.php at line 292, the external filename is retrieved into the local filesystem, but th...


15:03 ke_Userregister Bug #35396 (Resolved): Duplicate base domains in registration links
Not sure if a real bug or not. The duplicate base domains in registration links could happen because AbsRefPrefix is ...


23:07 TYPO3 Core Bug #35315: ERROR: No table to write data to has been set using the setting "cacheTable".
I'm able to update to tt_news 3.2.0 without trouble now.
23:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #35315: ERROR: No table to write data to has been set using the setting "cacheTable".
After reading http://wiki.typo3.org/Caching_framework, I took a chance and added $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['SYS']['useCachingF...


13:59 SEO Basics Feature #35233 (New): Specific sitemap id per page/section
Some sites have multiple languages as micro sites within a larger one.
A generic example.com/sitemap.xml fails to ...


10:27 TYPO3 Core Bug #18754: improved 404 pagenotfound_handling not working for certain requested URLs/resources
I confirm the problem and suggest fix in TYPO3 4.5.4.

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