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15:43 Core Bug #70567 (New): System Information Panel: Impossible to extend
Contrary to the documentation given in


01:30 Core Task #70518 (Resolved): Add composer mode to system information panel
Applied in changeset commit:720bc8dc59c20db75fc1c8f12c345af9b2fd32db.
01:19 Core Revision 720bc8dc: [TASK] Add composer mode to the application information panel
Resolves: #70518
Releases: master
Change-Id: If1144e6de80161df08ec4664fbce827d070571cb
Reviewed-on: http://review.typ...


14:55 Core Task #70497 (Closed): Show class loader mode in system information panel


17:01 Core Bug #70184: Closing a FAL search result entry results in an empty window
Parent should be #68676 - but I couldn't set that
17:00 Core Bug #70184 (Resolved): Closing a FAL search result entry results in an empty window
When closing an entry that was opened from a FAL search result list, the window will be empty (the close link does no...
16:21 Core Bug #70183 (New): CSH doesn't show on Backend User Settings fields
The headlines are "clickable" but will only lead to focus switching to the respective field (and checking / uncheckin...


16:57 Core Bug #69626: FormEngine still used in the core
Editing a file in the filelist module still leads to a fatal error for me:
> PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined met...


13:16 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #63994: Reuse FluidStandaloneView if possible
I'd like to close this ticket; It is obsolete. I've run into issues with reusing Fluids Standalone view too much, I h...


16:21 Core Bug #67366: PHP Errors after clearing cache in BE
I'm having this issue as well. I'm getting 0 KB (empty) cache files in cache_classes on those classes it cannot find....

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