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13:16 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #63994: Reuse FluidStandaloneView if possible
I'd like to close this ticket; It is obsolete. I've run into issues with reusing Fluids Standalone view too much, I h...


16:21 Core Bug #67366: PHP Errors after clearing cache in BE
I'm having this issue as well. I'm getting 0 KB (empty) cache files in cache_classes on those classes it cannot find....


16:49 Core Bug #66876: Datepicker for fields with placeholder broken in IE11
Curiously the culprit is (in the case of "news") the attribute "placeholder"; If I unset "placeholder", everything is...


08:32 Core Bug #57453: TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Validation\Validator\NumberValidator
-Just out of curiosity, wouldn't it make more sense to add return FALSE / TRUE were missing instead of adapting the P...


14:56 Core Bug #55165: Same ID of inputfields for starttime and endtime
What OS?
I had the same behavior on Windows with a certain PHP version - uniquid was to be blamed (which doesn't a...


18:06 Dynamic Content Elements (DCE) Bug #63994 (Rejected): Reuse FluidStandaloneView if possible
@Tx_Dce_Domain_Model_Dce@ creates a new @Tx_Fluid_View_StandaloneView@ on each call to @renderFluidTemplate@.


10:30 Dynamic Google Sitemap Feature #62368: SSL-Support missing


11:45 Core Bug #62484 (New): If cookieSecure is set to 1, scheduler tasks trigger via CLI can fail
If cookieSecure is set to 1 the check for TYPO3_SSL in


12:19 Dynamic Google Sitemap Bug #62379: URLs of preview pages get added to sitemap
A simple early check for $GLOBALS['TSFE']->fePreview should be enough.
12:09 Dynamic Google Sitemap Bug #62374: CDATA for <loc> unnecessary?
Probably for parameters (&)
It would be better to sanitize the output and omit the CDATA

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