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10:45 Static Info Tables (de) Bug #87944 (New): Land Mazedonien sollte in Nordmazedonien umbenannt werden
UPDATE static_countries SET cn_short_de='Nordmazedonien' WHERE cn_iso_2='MK';
10:27 Static Info Tables Bug #87943 (Resolved): Change Country Name Macedonia to North Macedonia
Country Name of Macedonia should be changed to North Macedonia
Short name (local): Северна Македонија
Official na...


09:32 TYPO3 Core Bug #46118: Overriding _LOCAL_LANG in TS broken for fluid templates
The Problem is still remaining in 6.2.10.
I use this language settings:
config {
language = pl
locale_all =...


12:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #54530: FAL Media Element cannot be expanded when fieldname contains undescores
I have the same problem.
Underscores in the DB are not the Problem. The Problem are the Phrase "_header" in the DB...

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