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15:49 TYPO3 Core Bug #82558 (New): The relation of MM table records are saved wrong for element translations in TY...
I appended a patch. I think it was just a small logic error. Hopefully I'm not totally wrong. :)
How to reproduce?...


18:40 Language File Editor Bug #82305 (Closed): Override Mode not working with PHP 7.1
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/13
18:40 Language File Editor Bug #81974 (Closed): language file is not available for edit
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/12
18:38 Language File Editor Bug #79855 (Closed): Loading sys_language records fails with MySQL 5.7
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/11
18:37 Language File Editor Feature #78277 (Closed): Conversion tool from XML to XLIFF
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/10
18:36 Language File Editor Bug #75039 (Closed): Exception when saving new constant
18:36 Language File Editor Bug #75039: Exception when saving new constant
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/9
18:35 Language File Editor Bug #73172 (Closed): Converting file from xml to xlf throws exception
Moved to Gitlab: https://gitlab.sgalinski.de/typo3/lfeditor/issues/8
18:34 Language File Editor Feature #66187 (Closed): Move/Copy Constant
18:33 Language File Editor Feature #66226 (Closed): Needs a possibility to search for extension in the "Select language file...

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