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21:48 Academic Commitee Task #78065 (In Progress): Setup a Mailinglist
First I used a wrong one. After that, I used the SYMPA interface directly through my account on http://lists.associat...
12:13 Academic Commitee Task #78065: Setup a Mailinglist
Hi Olivier,
I wrote the email below to the list using the SYMPA-Tool, but did not get any response. Do you have an...
01:18 Academic Commitee Task #78131 (Resolved): Set up a website
Ask Mattes Schreiber, to use existing infrastructure, as said in final session in Darmstadt.
01:08 Academic Commitee Task #78064: Voting of a Committe Lead
Candidates goes here:
Sebastian Kreideweiß for Lead or Co-Lead


10:56 Cookie Control Bug #67993 (Accepted): PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() class.tx_cookiecontrol_pi1.php line 303
Hi Siva,
I hope you are doing well.
We have a small issue in Frontend. You may try to catch this.
TYPO3 CMS 6....
10:50 Cookie Control Bug #52883: Broken in TYPO3 4.6.9
Ext author provided a new version, ready für TYPO3 CMS 6.2.
Maybe this helps out.


10:23 Cookie Control Bug #62765: Compatibility to 6.2.
Thank you Siva,
It is working now in 6.2.


14:45 Cookie Control Bug #62765: Compatibility to 6.2.
Perfect. Thanks for your quick reply.
I will closed the issue after installing the new version.
11:56 Cookie Control Bug #62765 (Closed): Compatibility to 6.2.
We have some errors and deprecated functions using t3lib_div
Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required ...


20:17 Design Team Feature #58940: Certification template
Looks good for me.
Maybe it is more official and informative to put a date of issue (Ausstellungsdatum) and the pl...

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