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19:56 TYPO3 Core Bug #92639: TYPO3 10.4 - Install tool "slugs for pages" error
Guido Schmechel wrote:
> Can you deliver the complete stacktrace? Or at least the next 2-3 calls to limit the worksp...
Felix Herrmann
14:40 TYPO3 Core Bug #92639 (Closed): TYPO3 10.4 - Install tool "slugs for pages" error
After fixing some migration data for pages i wanted to regenerate all the pages slugs. I cleared all slugs in order t... Felix Herrmann


09:53 TYPO3 Core Bug #88297 (Closed): PageTSConfig is not used if it's not in the root page
This issue showed up as we tried to fix the preview described in
We add some ...
Felix Herrmann
09:48 TYPO3 Core Bug #88296 (Closed): Record Preview does not work in 9.5.6 with News as an example
In TYPO3 9.5.6 is a preview record function implemented that expects some kind of version information for workspaces ... Felix Herrmann


20:59 TYPO3 Core Bug #87971 (Closed): Edit inline page title from default language possible with language restriction set
An editor has a language restriction set. The usergroup has no access to page (edit). If double click on page tree th... Felix Herrmann


10:46 TYPO3 Core Bug #87238 (Closed): TCA inline element translation with language restriction not possible
TYPO3 8.7.22
Custom extension
If you try to localize a record with inline relations and your user does have a l...
Felix Herrmann


12:01 TYPO3 Core Feature #75458 (Closed): Show cut/copy button in filelist after search
Display the cut button in the search result list after you triggered a search in the filelist.
Kind of a problem,...
Felix Herrmann


13:08 TYPO3 Core Bug #72539 (Closed): Extbase: sys_file_reference not deleted with repository-function
The sys_file_reference is not updated if detach a file from an objectstorage. If you try to delete the sys_file_refer... Felix Herrmann


12:18 TYPO3 Core Bug #66853 (Closed): HTML5 video tag attributes
If you try to add to the html5 media element the attribute preload="none", it doesn't show up on the frontend.
In /s...
Felix Herrmann

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